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The idea of students mentoring other students is brilliant and quite frankly the right way to do it. I was introduced to Gradvine by their talk at my university and I was impressed by their take on the university admission process. They knew what they were talking about and they were motivated to make a difference. Along with Suraj and Sreekar's vision and passion, Gradvine has conjured up a recipe for success. The mentors are easy to reach and talk to, the process is simplified and their advice on writing SOPs and shortlisting universities can make a usually extremely arduous task smooth and simple. If you think you need help with crafting a narrative for your SOP or shortlist the right universities, Gradvine and their mentors are the right people for the job. At Gradvine, you can speak to master's students and graduates from the finest global universities to help you with your application queries. Schedule your FREE profile evaluation call now: https://bit.ly/Profile_Evaluation_Free

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Skanda Vaidyanath

Stanford University, Master's in Computer Science

Going through the MBA applications was such a daunting task especially when I tried to apply in later application rounds just a month and a half before the deadline. But, my experience with Gradvine was nothing short of my expectations. The way they've been prompt, starting from getting my profile set and evaluated to assign a dedicated account manager for me, they were always there to help out. The highlight of my experience with Gradvine was my application documents coordinator was Sreekar himself, the founder of Gradvine reassuring me at every step of the application from my brainstorming on the essay responses, to reviewing the responses multiple times, to helping me prepare for the interviews for some of the top universities out there, getting such personalized support from the founder was a very enriching experience. Sreekar is such a calm, composed, and the most polite person to talk to that you might end up asking the silliest of questions but still get a very articulate response. At the same time, he makes sure you get honest constructive feedback wherever necessary. Now with a dream admit in my hand, I can say with all the more assurance, that if you want to choose an admission consultant who can give you personalized support among the sea of consultants out there, I'd strongly recommend Gradvine.

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Sandhya S

Oxford University, Masters in Business Administration

I would highly recommend Gradvine to anybody who aspires to pursue their masters abroad. I had a pleasant experience right from the university shortlisting phase to the post-admission phase. I was assigned an amazing mentor - Jonathan D'Cruz who is a data scientist. As I was planning to pursue my masters in the same field, his perspective helped me present my research work aptly in my SOP for the admission committee. If you're looking for master's in Data Science, I highly recommend you ask for Jonathan D'Cruz as your mentor. The support from the entire team is very good as they regularly check in on the progress and are also quick to respond. All in all, I’d like to express my gratitude to Gradvine and Jonathan for helping me secure an admit into my dream university!

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Pragnya Sridhar

Carnegie Mellon University, Masters in Data Science

My entire application process with Gradvine has been extremely smooth. Everyone in the team is exceptional and very helpful. I have zero complaints. I would recommend Gradvine to any student who is looking for a consultant to make their study-abroad dreams come true.

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Jahnavi Shah

Cornell University, Masters in Engineering Management

After exploring many options, I came across Gradvine through a friend’s recommendation. Starting from the initial interaction through the free consultation call, I felt that the team was very patient with all my questions and took enough time to explain the entire process while sharing some valuable tips. What attracted me towards Gradvine was the fact that I would be working with someone as a mentor who went through this process themselves and were admitted to top schools. My experience with Gradvine was simply amazing. I had excellent mentors that helped me shortlist universities and helped me during my entire application process. I was able to bag admits from highly ranked universities which was a big accomplishment for me. I was also able to connect with the diverse network of people who have chosen Gradvine in past which is great! Thanks to the entire team for being prompt and providing valuable assistance at every step of my journey. I would highly recommend Gradvine for anyone seeking to study abroad.

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Dharmi Gala

University of Chicago, Masters in Data Science

Gradvine has genuinely helped me streamline my grad school application process. From university shortlisting to providing feedback on essays and sharing detailed information regarding post-admission/visa-related matters, effective support was delivered in a methodical manner which made it all more approachable. Thankful for everyone who’s played a part in helping me throughout this journey!

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Tvisha Devavarapu

Columbia University, MS in Biostatistics with Public Health Data Science

Gradvine has helped me with my application process immensely. The essays were the most helpful part of my process as I did not know where to begin. I completed my first draft and received constructive feedback. Gradually, I was able to rely less on my mentors and I was able to draft my essays perfectly. I was also confused about how to get a Letter of Recommendation however the team helped me with it. The guidance I received was on point.

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Maytreya Pasumarthy

University of Maryland, Bachelors in Computer Science

Gradvine mentors do a great job of helping you identify the pitfalls in the SOPs, LORs and other documents that are required as a part of the university applications, in addition to the assistance offered with university shortlisting. Their assistance helped me analyse the various options at hand and make an informed decision Unlike many other consultancies, gradvine offers suggestions on top of your documents instead of creating them for you. This ensures that you maintain your integrity and genuineness while submitting your applications

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Bhargava nidamarthy

Indiana University Bloomington, Masters in Information Systems

Loved the experience with Gradvine. From the beginning until the end, Gradvine helped me at every stage. Would highly recommend it.

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Ankita Budhraja

University of California, Berkeley,, Masters in Information Systems

"Honestly, I wasn’t sure about my major. Through the process, I started talking about it with people on the team. The brainstorming sessions nudged me towards my major. I could not have asked for a better mentor who helped me bag multiple admits."

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Anoushka Reddy

Fashion Institute of Technology, Parsons School of Design, International Fashion Academy, Bachelors in Fashion Business Management

After applying for just one ivy league college in 2021 with no proper guidance, I got my first rejection. Disheartened and demotivated, I started looking out for counseling services that could help me connect with students studying in the colleges I was aiming for. Moreover, I was looking for a service that could trust my potential, support me to aim for only dream colleges and strengthen my profile accordingly. Gradvine was highly recommended by one of my friends who was also applying for higher education. Mukesh and Vaishnavi were assigned as my account manager and mentor respectively. They both helped me finalize my list of 5 dream colleges for the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program. I was glad that they motivated me to only aim for top-notch colleges, unlike other services that influence your decision by including “safe” universities. Moreover, I got to interact with a student studying at Dartmouth who provided insights before even starting the application. My mentor was a student from Columbia University who reviewed all my application documents thoroughly and provided crucial recommendations that made my profile stand out and got me selected for all 5 applied colleges. I would recommend Gradvine to students as it is a comprehensive platform that will support you at all stages of your application.

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Kajal Singh

Dartmouth College, Masters in Engineering Management

I experienced everything they mention on their website, from fast replies, to having connection to people that really know their information about the application process. Gradvine is a very trustworthy service and I would highly recommend it.

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Simran Vuppula

North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Med School Psychology

I approached Gradvine for my Master’s application given that I was working full time. The Team was very swift and responsive at every stage of my application beginning from University shortlisting to finalizing my SOPs, Resume, and LORs. The Gradvine network is expansive and has Mentors from various backgrounds to ease the process for any new applicant. The best part about Gradvine is the Mentor-Mentee stage when I was assigned a Mentor who could guide me with my SOPs and Resume. I really had to invest my time, and energy and do a decent amount of soul searching along with my Mentor to ensure my applications stood out everywhere I applied. My Mentor was very patient, supportive, and honest, and so was the entire Gradvine team. All of my queries, silly or wise were given equal attention to and voila, I did manage to bag admits from all the Universities (Columbia, Purdue, Duke, Georgia Tech, Michigan Ross) that I had applied to, with scholarships too. I highly recommend Gradvine for their services - one of the best teams to help you get closer to your dreams!

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Shwetha Srinivasan

Columbia University, Masters in Supply Chain Management

Personally for me, Gradvine stood out from all other consultancies as it offered the concept of having a mentor from the same field of interest. From the process of university shortlisting till the moment I received acceptances, Gradvine was a support system all along. Since I was applying for M.Arch the portfolio weighed more than anything else and my mentor Abhinavv directed me to achieve an exceptionally good portfolio. He also helped a lot in the selection of universities and coursework for applications. My overall experience with gradvine has been great and I would highly recommend it to the aspiring master's students.

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Rutuja Jagtap

Pratt Institute, Masters in Architecture

I had a very supportive mentor who pushed me to aim for higher universities and courses than I had anticipated. I received all the help I asked for, and more from the team.

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Juanita Thota

California College of the Arts, Masters in Design in Human Computer Interaction

If anyone is looking for the best counselors and advisors for abroad study applications, Gradvine is definitely a place to opt for! They know when and how to bring an effective tone to our applications and can communicate their expertise through a variety of means. As virtual communicators, they are effective presenters capable of making clear and concise points for your admission process. I am interested to pursue a niche subject - International Affairs with a combination of Risk analysis, Intelligence, and Data analysis. Gradvine and the mentor assigned to me greatly helped me navigate, all the tough applications process, especially of Ivy League and top policy schools! The one-on-one guidance for SOPs and the number of essays significantly helped me get the admits. Kudos to the team and mentors! :)

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Krishna Kataria

IVY?, Masters in International Affairs and Global Policy

I applied to 9 universities and got into 7 with scholarships. The process was smooth and the team made it easy for me to apply to multiple universities on time. The essays and brainstorming sessions were perfect with Suraj. I am extremely happy with the service I received.

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Prajith Reddy

Arizona State University, Texas A&M University, Penn State University, Bachelors in Supply Chain Management

I am very happy about my selection and rejecting all other consultancies. There is a great difference between Gradvine and other consultancies. Here, we can see professionals and they will be our mentors. I got to know the difference between crafting our profile(Resume, SOP, LORs) into top profile and it was a top-notch professional service. When I got top universities admissions while my friends with the same GPA and IELTS score got rejected, this was the time, I clearly understood the difference and their quality of work. It is 💯 percent worth and I will recommend it for all who are planning to study abroad without any doubt

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Bharath Reddy Bheemareddy

Georgia Institute of Technology, Masters in Civil Engineering

They were professional and assisted me in applying in universities that is best for me. I was connected with a mentor who had good knowledge about my field and helped me in strengthening my profile and overall application process.

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Nandana Mukherjee

University of Pennsylvania, Masters in Biotechnology

My experience with Gradvine has been nothing short of my high expectations. Their flexibility with assigning preferred mentors is excellent, and the kind of personal touch my mentor gave while reviewing my SOP was super valuable. Their mentors are also current grads or recent alums which helps you get recent advice which would be more relevant. A great experience!

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Jaimin Fojdar

Texas A&M University, Masters in Information Systems

While choosing to opt for a consultant or not for my applications, what made me make a decision to go with Gradvine, was their unique approach of allotting a mentor from a course/background that I want to pursue. We generally are looking for guidance from seniors or alumni of the same university or school to which we want to apply. Gradvine exactly helped me with it, I was assigned a mentor who was studying in the same course and one of my dream university. His guidance proved crucial to me while preparing application documents. My account manager- Rahul, and the senior essay review team were very approachable, their guidance at every step was very helpful. Also Sreekar Sir, co-founder of the company, personally helped in shortlisting and other guidance. I got into one of my dream universities and also received multiple other admits. Thanks!

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Omkar Borate

Georgia Institute of Technology, Masters in Industrial Engineering

My experience with Gradvine was genuinely amazing. When I first heard about Gradvine, I was impressed with the idea of my application documents being reviewed by a person who has experience in the field I am applying for. I truly believe that Suraj Sir's and my mentor's comments on my essays, resume, and other supplemental questions have led me to receive admission from Georgia Tech and Johns Hopkins University. In addition, Suraj Sir and the Gradvine team regularly scheduled meetings with me to discuss numerous application process steps. And they were incredibly patient with all of the queries that I had. One other thing which I love about gradvine is that they won't discourage you from applying to the top universities. I did not have an excellent GRE score, but still, Suraj Sir motivated me to apply to all of the top universities for my program. Whenever he suggested removing a university from my list, he also explained with good reasons in terms of location, quality of education, and many more. To anyone looking for trusted guidance in the application process, I would highly recommend Gradvine. Just go for them, and you won't regret your decision.

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Ishika Verma

Georgia Institute of Technology, Masters in Bioinformatics

I had an amazing experience with Gradvine. Right from day one, Gradvine helped me in every step of my journey from shortlisting Universities, to assigning mentor, to reviewing my application documents unlimited number of times and so on. Moreover, Gradvine also helped me with the post admit process as well. I would definitely recommend Gradvine to all the abroad aspirants.

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Samson Anil

Purdue University, Fall 22', Masters in Biomedical Engineering

Great team working positively to help you structure your essays and college shortlisting better

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Rishabh Baid

Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

"Applying for a master's program has a set of procedures to find the best University and course in the field I want to pursue my master's program. Gradvine had helped me in scrutinising the best universities which match my profile, drafting sop and lor which play a major important role in the application process. Today I have bagged admits from Texas A and M University,clg station campus , Arizona State University, University of Colorado Denver, University of Massachusetts Amherst and Northeastern University Boston. I thank mentors Jaspreet Singh, Account managers Mukesh and Akhila for guiding me through the whole process."

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Chandra Bhuvana Paladagu

Texas A&M University, Masters in Electrical Engineering

I had an amazing experience with Gradvine and I shall tell you why. Sreekar was very very helpful, from the very beginning, giving me an in depth, clear idea about my profile and prospects. My mentor, Aniruddh as well was very patient with me, in terms of the changes and edits that we both kept making at our ends to deliver a beautifully written SOP finally. The team always entertained my doubts, which is greatly necessary, considering how overwhelming the whole admission process can be. I'd urge you to definitely take their first free call, figure out your prospects, think if gradvine could be beneficial for you, and then make your decision.

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Anusha Kulkarni

Masters in Engineering Management, Columbia University

I was told by many consultancies that I wouldn’t get into top universities just because of my GRE score (309), but Gradvine has helped me build confidence that I could get into top ones. My mentors Prateeth and Naman helped me write great personalized SOP & LORs and to shortlist universities. Everyone at gradvine was just one call away, they answered all my queries no matter how silly they were. I’m glad I decided to go with Gradvine, otherwise applying to ambitious universities would’ve just been a dream.

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Padma Priya Marla

Arizona State University, Masters in Information Technology

Mentors who were assigned were very helpful during the whole process. Overall their guidance made it easy for me to write my SOP and LOR. Thankful to my mentors.

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Saumya Vaddamani

University of Texas, Dallas, Masters in Energy Management

I had the best experience at Gradvine. The mentor system works real wonders as it allows you to interact with a recently admitted Master's student and ask them all your doubts and get your documents reviewed by them. Further, the account manager double checks all the documents and helps finalise the LOR and SOPs. They're always simply a call away and can be contacted anytime. The entire process with Gradvine was a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to study abroad.

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Preyaan Gupta

Northeastern University, Masters in Engineering Management

The services offered during profiling a student and shortlisting universities were top-notch. Also, the guidance during application was one of the best in the industry. Kudos to my Account Manager Mukesh, Mentor Akhila and the whole team !! Wishing you all the best

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Hitesh Koganti

Texas A&M University, Masters in Industrial Engineering

I would highly recommend Gradvine to all the MS aspirants out there. They made the entire application very easy. On a personal front I am sincerely thankful to my mentor Santoshi Varma for helping me throughout the application, even at odd hours, right from helping me out in selecting schools for master's program, to creating a solid SOP. They were always available to provide insights. Overall, it was a great experience and I am extremely grateful to the entire team for their constant support throughout.

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Vikas Sunkari

Northeastern University, Masters in Engineering Management

Gradvine is amazing at what they do! When it comes to applying to grad school in the US one needs mentorship from someone who has been through the same journey. Sure my mentor guided me on timelines, organizing my essays, CV, etc but most importantly she could talk to me from a current Engineering management student's perspective and that helped me a lot. The Gradvine essay review service is commendable, they reviewed all my essays very quickly before deadlines. They also do not set a limit on final essay reviews which makes the essays flawless before submission. I was able to apply to all of my dream schools and till now received admission from NYU (with scholarship), UIUC, and Duke University. Lastly, their services are affordable and worth it. I will recommend anyone applying for grad school and specifically MEM take guidance from Gradvine.

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Sanika Ratnaparkhi

Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

If someone aspires to pursue MS and needs top-notch and quality guidance, then Gradvine is the go-to place. My mentor Dheeraj, Sreekar, Akhila, and the whole Gradvine team were extremely supportive right from the beginning. What makes them stand out from others is that the aspirant is being mentored by the ones who are the alumni of your dream university, the ones who have been there and done that. The insights and ideas suggested by them for my SOP were pivotal in my profile which helped me to accomplish my goal of getting admitted to my dream universities. Right from university shortlisting, to crafting customized SOP for every university, the approach has been methodical and practical. My queries and concerns were never left unanswered, they were answered concisely and articulately. Selecting Gradvine was the best decision to get some professional help/advice and I would recommend it wholeheartedly.

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Parth Kingrani

Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

Had a wonderful experience working with Gradvine, services are smooth and top quality. Taking guidance from current students and alumni helps get a realistic perspective to the application process. Highly recommended!!

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Kushagra Jain

Texas A&M University, Masters in Computer Science

Gradvine is one of the best services out there. Right from day one, they helped me at every step from shortlisting universities, to assigning a mentor, to reviewing my application documents a million times (even at odd hours). I would have never dreamt of getting admits from some of the top universities in the US. But here they are (squeals in joy)! Advice from mentors who have 'been there, done that' is what differentiates Gradvine from the rest and makes your university applications stand out. Moreover, they helped me navigate the post admit chaos as well :) I would strongly recommend Gradvine to anyone planning to study abroad.

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Urvi Rawat

Johns Hopkins University, Masters in Engineering Management

I would highly recommend Gradvine if you are looking for help regarding your applications for abroad studies. Gradvine’s mentorship model is their biggest strength. My shortlisting mentor made sure that I applied to a perfect blend of safe, moderate, and ambitious schools. My essay mentor’s valuable insights and perspective helped me craft better essays. I was assigned an account manager from their core team who was very approachable and helped me with all the queries I had regarding my applications. As a result, I got admission into my dream university. Overall, Gradvine is very customer-centric, and I am glad that I took their help!

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Harsha Vardhan Reddy

Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

You will find best mentors here who will help us make it into the dream college !

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Rakshit Reddy Gopidi

Rice University, Masters in Engineering Management

Smooth Experience. Considerate Mentors. Clear approach

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Aashray Saini

Carnegie Mellon University, Masters in Information Systems

Having gone through the search of admission consultants and utilized one of the consultant’s services in 2020, I was disheartened to not get any admission in 2020 and started working on my applications for 2021 on my own. Moreover, I did not want to pay an exorbitant amount, many MBA consultants charge 3-4 L for application to 5 schools, for MBA admission consultancy. I then came to know about Gradvine through a LinkedIn post and reached out to it. After carrying out research on Gradvine, I chose it to help me with MBA applications. Sreekar and Akhila helped me in finalizing the potential MBA schools to apply. They have revamped my essays and resume to better reflect my achievements and made my application ready in all aspects. One thing that stands out with Gradvine is that whenever I approached with a query or help, they responded with immediate support. I would definitely recommend Gradvine as mentors here have a thorough understanding of admissions and goes out of their way to help you put your best forward. Truly grateful for all the guidance and support!

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Harshit Gole

University of California, Boulder, Masters in Business Administration

It’s been a good experience with gradvine.

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Jeevana Reddy

Texas A&M University, Texas A&M University

Gradvine team was very supportive throughout my application process. During this process, you need constant guidance which is important for drafting a good application which is provided by the mentor who is a student like we have the experience of the process. They will be able to share as much of the amount of knowledge which is very helpful. That is where Gradvine stands out from all other educational services. The most impressive thing is their customer experience where you get all answers to your queries from associates who listen to us very patiently. If at all you are looking for support during your Master's application process, I would strongly recommend Gradvine which is the best in the business.

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Yeswanth Chinta

University of Minnesota, Masters in Business Analytics

Gradvine has literally been my savior. I was changing my field and had no clue where to start from. Saw many positive reviews for Gradvine by students on Linkedin and I decided to book a free consultation with them. I was totally impressed by their transparency and honesty, which many other consultancies lacked. The best part was to be mentored by someone who had already been through this journey. There was no spoon-feeding and frequent checks by the mentor, account manager, and other team members really made the cumbersome application process easy. Another advantage was the availability of Gradvine's team as and when required. It was easy to schedule calls via calendly and they were prompt on whatsapp too. I received my dream admits and can't thank Gradvine enough. Gradvine exactly knows the A to Z of this whole application process(university selection, SOPs, LORs, video essays, post-admit process, etc) and you should totally trust their judgment. Thank you Gradvine.

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Rushil Manglik

University of Washington, Tacoma, Masters in Business Analytics

Enrolling with Gradvine to help with my Master's applications was the best decision I could have made. Starting with shortlisting the schools to the SOPs and LORs, my mentor Sreekar had given me valuable feedback and helped me whip my SOPs into good shape. I got accepted to Duke, my dream school, NYU with a $7000 scholarship, and NEU, among others, and it wouldn't have been possible without Gradvine's guidance and mentorship every step of the way. Thank you very much to Sreekar, Rahul, and the whole Gradvine team for making this possible.

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Sai Indira Tholu

Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

Hearing many not-so-good reviews/feedback about many consultancies, I was so doubtful about taking assistance for my master's applications. I thought of doing everything by myself. The trickiest part of the whole master's application process is that though we feel like we can do everything by ourselves as all the required information is available online, we tend to make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. That’s when I realized the need for assistance. We always need a helping hand who can assist us when we are doubtful and help us understand how things should be done. Gradvine is one such helping hand that helped me throughout my application process. The uniqueness about Gradvine is that it maps you to a mentor who had gone through the same process just like us. So the mentor knows everything in and out about the application process and as they were in the same situation just some years ago, they know exactly what should be done and how should it be done. My mentor helped me in every aspect of my application process. He made me believe in myself and brought the best of me in my SOP. I never wanted spoon feeding kind of SOP assistance where they write your SOP. In this regard, I am very happy with the Gradvine way of helping out students. I can say my SOP was personalized which was written by me but with the touch of mentorship. In the end, I was so proud of my SOP. It turned out to be exactly how I wanted. Ultimately, I just want to say I am genuinely happy with the assistance that I got from my mentor. This is my feedback entirely dependent on the mentor I got. I am not sure if everyone gets mapped with great mentors if they take Gradvine services. But I think even if something goes wrong, Gradvine always tries to make it correct and will take proper measures.

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Swetha Srilakshmi Lola

North Carolina State University, Masters in Computer Science

Had an amazing experience with Gradvine. The concept of individual mentoring really works to the applicants' advantage, which really helped me bag admits that I'd only dreamt of. I'd highly recommend Gradvine and their services.

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Rahul Ranganath

North Carolina State University, Masters in Industrial Engineering

Great service. The mentors are really experienced and have clear cut vision of what needs to be done to achieve the said goal. They invest their time and effort and do it without partiality for your success. If given a chance i would go to the same company again.

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Roshan Jacob Manoj

Arizona State University, Masters in Computer Science

Mentors and account manager here are very supportive and helped me in all the aspects of the process.

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Dheeraj Sai Gogineni

SUNY Buffalo, Masters in Computer Science

What I liked the most with Gradvine was that all the mentors were once students like us who went through the same grueling admission process, unlike some of the consultancies who claim to have years of experience yet have no clue as to what it's like to pursue a Master’s program at top-notch US universities, what value the program offers, and does the program actually match your future goals, etc. I was fortunate to have got Sreekar, the co-founder as my mentor. He gave me a clear idea about my prospects with my target universities based on my profile. We removed the clutter from my essays through a sequence of critical reviews and continuous improvements. Thus my essays turned out to be really exceptional, and they got me into Duke, Northwestern, UIUC, NCSU, UCSB, & Tufts with scholarships. The team ensured that I wasn’t overwhelmed by the admission process. Overall, I had a great experience with Gradvine. I suggest you schedule a free call, figure out your options, and then decide on any further action.

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Vaibhav Mannapuram

Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

Had a really good experience with Gradvine. The whole process was very smooth. What I really like about them is that they don't spoon-feed you with what needs to be written in your Statement of Purpose. They make you write your own SOP and mentor you through the whole process. Their final review team for essay reviews is also very efficient. My account manager was also very responsive to all my queries.

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Lakshmi Sabari Priya

Arizona State University, Masters in Computer Science

The concept of allocating domain-specific mentors wrt your profile was something that attracted my attention and I was pretty confident since the person who has gone through the same process would know where exactly the guidance is required. I'm extremely happy to have received admits from the Top 10 universities for my desired program. It wouldn't be possible without my mentor. I strongly recommend Gradvine to anyone looking for a well-drafted SOP and CV which gets through multiple reviews making it better with each review.

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Aishwarya Kanaparthi

Texas A&M University, Masters in Management of Information Systems

The concept of providing mentors from the field of your interest and studying abroad is what attracted me to Gradvine. The mentors and the operations team were very helpful in the entire process. The process was very smooth from the first consultation call to the visa process. Sreekar had personally helped me with the university shortlisting which was great! The team was very responsive to any of the questions that I had during the process. The documents were reviewed thoroughly and this helped me grab admits from the universities that I was targeting. Kudos to the team! Keep up the good work.

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Nutan GR

Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

I would like to start by saying that Gradvine is the best thing that happened to me. Gradvine was suggested to me by one of my friends as I was not able to find the time and make the efforts to go see a consultancy firm in my city. I had my share of concerns as the whole idea of online consultancy for such physical and time consuming work did not seem feasible to me. However, people at Gradvine surprised me with their willingness to help students achieve their dream. I would like to thank my mentor who tirelessly helped me with my applications and answered to all my questions/concerns within a stipulated time frame. He did not only assist me with the applications but motivated me to apply for dream universities and made me believe that I can get into them. So I agreed to his suggestions and applied for the following program: - MS in Industrial Engineering/MEM Program: 1. Columbia University - Admitted 2. Penn State University - Admitted 3. University of Southern California - Admitted 4. University of Pittsburgh - Admitted 5. University of Illinois Chicago - Admitted 6. Hong Kong University of Science and Tech (Hong Kong) - Admitted 7. Purdue University - Rejected 8. University of Washington Seattle - Rejected 9. Georgia Tech - Waitlisted and then Rejected due to no vacancy 10. Duke University - Rejected My profile: GRE - 314, TOEFL - 102, CGPA - 8.74.... 3 years of work experience in different industries (IT, Manufacturing and Technology) Some pros of choosing Gradvine over others are listed below: 1. Very cost-effective. 2. Highly motivational. 3. Excellent at understanding your experiences and requirements and suggesting the best possible options accordingly. 4. Always make you aim higher. 5. Always available at your service. I wish them all the best and hope to personally meet some of them soon. Thanks, Gradvine.

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Ayush Goyal

Columbia University, Master's in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Gradvine’s process for essay feedback was very different from others. Instead of just a couple of people giving suggestions, they actually got feedback from student mentors in the colleges I wanted to apply to. That way, I could refine my essays much better than I could have originally. Even though I would go through many iterations for particular essays, the mentors didn’t try to close any essay and declare it finished until both parties were satisfied. Thank you Gradvine!

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Samay Godika

MIT, Undergrad in CS

I have nothing but high superlatives for my mentor and the team at Gradvine. They exhibited a high degree of dedication, care, professionalism throughout my application process - and were always available at a moment's notice or ping to offer their support and advice. By all accounts I started quite late in the application cycle (mid-November), and I was nudged in the right direction when faced against looming deadlines. The interactions with my mentor on selecting the right program, pruning of the essays etc. were always done with a hint of positivity which is a welcome relief during the process! I have been thrilled to have been accepted to a few top programs (including an Ivy admit) and I am glad for having come across this wonderful team! My mentor and the team strive towards getting the very best for their students, and I believe Gradvine has cracked the ethos of the University application process. I have no doubt that they'll further keep on setting higher bars for themselves, and delighting their students.

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P Santy Blesson

Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Tech, Technology, Innovation and Education

I came to know about Gradvine through Shrija Priyanil (currently a mentor at Gradvine), who at the time was in the University of Washington at Seattle for her Masters. Based on her feedback, I quickly got in touch with them, regarding how to proceed with my Master's application cycle. Before I go into the details, I would like to state that the mentors and the Gradvine team are an extremely dedicated bunch, and they try their absolute best to ensure that they can help a student in the best possible manner. Right from selecting Universities and programs that are particular to your interests, to helping with your SOPs and résumés, they delve into the intricacies of every detail during the application with the student. One highlight is that this process will not be standardized, as in the case of other Consultancies; rather, this is curated to the program and the student. In spite of the fact that I did not get into any program in the first application cycle, my mentor stuck with me throughout next year, taking my long and tedious queries at odd hours of the day. He ensured that I projected myself in the best possible manner before a graduate selection committee. . I attribute a large part of my success to my mentor and the folks at Gradvine!

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Ganesh Iyer

Carnegie Mellon University, Master's in Robotic Systems Development (MRSD)

Landing in the right University is not a big deal if one knows to take the right steps at the right time. The problem is I did not know what steps to take. Gradvine came to my help when I really needed a mentor. The best thing about Gradvine is that the mentors have been through the process and landed at the most sought after unis themselves. While people with writing skills alone can make your SOP look presentable, the GV team are a mix of technical and language experts who make sure that your essays are not merely an exhibit of artistic flair but makes you stand out among the technical community. I cannot thank the Gradvine team enough for their spontaneous help whenever I needed them. For those who are looking to join Gradvine, trust me, no other place will give you such service! I did not have mere "counsellors" at Gradvine but actual mentors! Thanks a lot team GV!

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Jyotirmoy Mukherjee

Virginia Tech, Master's in Mechanical Engineering

I was completely perplexed by the graduate admission process and it was at this moment I came across Gradvine team. The optimism that I gained after meeting them was perhaps, a turning point for me. The support and guidance extended by their entire team with various elements of the admission process was exemplary. They inspired me to not settle for less and helped me bag an early Ivy league admit - Masters in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania. It was a dream come true for me. This is what they do - they make what seems impossible a reality, and thus, I would wholeheartedly recommend Gradvine to all folks out there who deserve the best. Gradvine team simply knows how its done and they will do it for you. Thank you again Gradvine!

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Monish Godhia

University of Pennsylvania, Master's in Computer Science

I found Gradvine online through some browsing but I was really attracted by the passion with which they help the students. Though my contact was only online and via calling throughout my process but my mentor was really helpful and always available whenever I needed help. His inputs into my SOP really helped a lot. Gradvine is the way to go for solving all of one's doubts regarding the process and improving the application. This is clearly visible in the student admits which they have helped achieve.

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Shantanu Patel

Duke University, Master's in Engineering Management

I joined Gradvine at the start of my application process for a MEM degree. My mentors here encouraged me to apply to the best universities offering this course, despite me thinking I stood no chance. They also helped me whip my essays into good shape. 10 days after my last applied went out, I received my first admit, with scholarship that too! I'm incredibly grateful to the team at Gradvine for ensuring I put only my best foot forward. Their incredible network will definitely be a boost after I graduate and move ahead in my career.

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Shreya Anantharaman

Dartmouth College, Master's in Engineering Management

Applying to the universities seemed to be very confusing and complicated before I came to gradvine, but after I came here they made it so simple. They were available every time I tried to contact them and were very very supportive. I got into my dream university with the help of gradvine. If you want to get into the top notch universities, gradvine would be the best option.

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Shashank Shirke

Duke University, Cornell University, UC: Irvine, Northwestern University, Master's in Engineering Management

With only 10 days left to the CMU application deadline, I was panicking because I was going nowhere with my SOP. I asked a friend and he recommended Gradvine to me. I wasted no time and contacted them and got a response within a few hours. I had Skype discussions with the Gradvine team, and they assured me that they’ll help me with the entire process. I was sent formats for both SOP and LOR, that gave my haphazard drafts a much clearer structure. Suraj continued to give his valuable feedback and suggestions(even a few hours before the deadline!) until we were satisfied with my essay. Working with my mentor and the Gradvine team was a great experience. They are very supportive and understanding. I would highly recommend Gradvine to anyone who is applying or considering applying to MS programs abroad.

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Zeana Kaynat

Carnegie Mellon University, Master's in Information Systems

By far the most genuine, helpful and professional people ever. For someone like me who had no idea whatsoever about the applications, everything became just too easy since Gradvine came into the picture. The best part is that they're always available and help you at every tiny step - no question is silly and you can depend on them to guide and motivate you through. I am extremely grateful to my mentor and the entire team. Y'all are the best! God bless you!

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Ishita Bedi

University of Southern California, Master's in Computer Science

For MS applications, I had an SOP already but I needed help making it the best it could be. So I took a risk seeing positive reviews about Gradvine and registered for the SOP service. I am very pleased with the result! I appreciate how the Gradvine team personally handled my SOP and got reviews from alums from top universities. Following their tips as well as of the Gradvine mentors, I was able to create an SOP that was not only in my own words (not spoon-fed!) but also reviewed by experienced mentors who really know the art of drafting an SOP. As a result, I have got two great admits! Thank you Gradvine!

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Kajal Varma

Georgia Tech, Master's in Computer Science

Applying to grad school is such a daunting and time-consuming task that I am extremely grateful for the help I received from Gradvine. From finalizing the college list to just figuring the structure of a simple email, my mentor helped me greatly every step of the way. I actually took more than five weeks to perfect my SOP and was always helped with patience for every question or doubt I had. I have already gotten an admit at a great school and I am waiting to hear from a couple more but no matter where I join, I will have Gradvine to thank for it in a way. I know this is process can be arduous and overwhelming so I would recommend getting help and Gradvine is a great place for that.

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Pranika Gupta

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Master's in Aeronautical Engineering

The Gradvine team has been a great help throughout the process specially Parth, my mentor. Honestly, had it not been for Gradvine, I wouldn't even have applied to colleges I got admits from. I was under the impression that my GPA was too low but they really encouraged me to apply to my dream colleges and programs.

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Osho Kumar

CMU, Columbia University, Master's in Information Systems Management (MISM)

I came across Gradvine through a friend and decided to take their help for my Master's Application. Now that I have undergone the entire process of drafting my applications and receiving admits from a few very prestigious institutions, I can confidently say that they are by far the most genuine and amazing mentors ever. The Gradvine team were both very supportive and were available each time I needed them. They pushed me to restructure my essays until they were perfect and that is what led me to receive admits from the top universities. I wholeheartedly recommend Gradvine to anybody who is seeking for a guidance to achieve the apex in their respective fields

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Shweta Karun

Dartmouth College, Master's in Engineering Management (MEM)

When you decide to pursue your MS, many opinions/advises come your way. It often happens so that one believes that taking the GRE and TOEFL are the biggest steps in the process. I for one, had fallen for that. But when I attended one of the mixers organized by Gradvine, the interaction with fellow applicants and the mentors made me understand that the real big steps are after the tests. Discussing the process with the Gradvine mentors helped me chalk out next steps. During the sessions with the mentors, who are amazing at what they do, I was able to structure my thoughts better and finally produced a genuine statement of purpose. Gradvine gives the required attention to each of your queries/expectations and helps take informed decisions at each stage. Thier insights at every step of the process is what makes their service so special. I recommend every student to get on a free call with them to experience the same and pick the right consultancy!

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Surya Teja

New York University, Master's in Computer Science

It was the last week of December and with only 5 days before the deadline of my dream university, I was still unsure on how to cut down from 1500 to 1000 words. My friend had used Gradvine services and I had seen his final SOP. Without thinking twice, I just paid for the service and scheduled a chat with my mentor. Within 36 hours, I had my sop review done. That’s how diligent the entire Gradvine team is about your future. Needlessly to say, I recommended the service to quite a few of my friends and the end result; me and my friends have admits from not just our dream university but probably from universities (CMU, Columbia, Duke to name a few) most people aspire to get into. Gradvine has a plethora of options depending on what you need. They won’t spoon feed you until you want them to and best part, they charge you accordingly. Thank you to the entire Gradvine team for all your efforts!!

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Sudipto Das

CMU, Columbia University, Duke University, Master's in Information Systems Management (MISM)

When I started my application process, I was confused like everybody else. I wanted my application to be my best, but I kept hearing only negative things about the consultancies. One fine day, a random guy recommended Gradvine to me. I checked the website, spoke to them and decided to risk it.On a practical note, the fee was affordable and worth risking. I felt it was better to go with somebody who had few good reviews than somebody with lots of negative reviews. My mentor ensured that I think hard about what I could write in the SOP and that the best in me is brought out by myself. He pushed me and encouraged me to aim higher and apply to better colleges. Result? I got my dream admit As simple as that! I eventually did a smart thing!!

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Spriha Gupta

Purdue University, Master's in Business Analytics (MSBA)

The application process is a taxing one. Initially it did seem easy, but as time passed and deadlines approached I realized that it would be really helpful to have someone with experience to guide me through. Applying for the first time, I did not know how to go about my motivation letters. This is when I came across Gradvine. One of my applications was due within five days of signing up for Gradvine. With the deadline so close and not even a rough draft ready then, my anxiety levels were soaring through the roof. I spoke to my mentor and he helped me as I wrote my motivation letters. He pushed me to think harder, to realize what I genuinely expect from my career and future and to make the best use of my experiences, all of which was reflected in my applications. No sooner, I got my dream admits. The team also helped me make a right decision when it came to choosing between the universities. I also extend my sincere gratitude to the Gradvine team, who gave me a clear idea about the universities when I was in a dilemma. Thanks and love to Team Gradvine!

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Swadha Vanikar

TU Delft, MSc Management of Technology

Gradvine came to me like a huge blessing. I was stuck in the web of counsellors who had a fix set of universities to apply to. Through constant searching, I found Gradvine and got a chance to talk to one of the mentors here, Varun Harnathka. My quest of landing up in one the top-ranked universities made me sign up for their consultation call. After having a talk with their founder, Suraj Peri, I knew this was the right thing to do. Without any second thoughts, I signed up. My mentor, Agrim Sachdeva made the process as smooth as possible. Without an outstanding GPA and proper work ex, I bagged admits from some of the best universities for my program, including Kelley School of Business, UMCP, Northeastern, and Boston University. Kelley, being one of the highly ranked schools wasn’t even in my initial list. But Gradvine’s university selection, SoP drafting, LOR process help, every little thing from their side, made me achieve it. I can firmly say, had it not been for Gradvine and my mentor, I would not have been able to get these amazing admits. I would have probably convinced myself to apply to other, more than safe universities, and be satisfied with it. But here I am, ready to go to Kelley for MS in Information Systems, all thanks to Gradvine.

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Japneet Boyal

Carnegie Mellon University, Indiana University-Kelley School of Business, Master's in Information Systems (MIS)

I have known Gradvine since the beginning of my college days and when I was planning to apply for masters, Gradvine was automatically my first choice. The mentors associated with Gradvine are present students or students who have just graduated thereby can give pragmatic advice depending on ground reality. I reached out to the Gradvine team to help me with the application process of my masters. From the get-go, my mentor was always a call away to address my needs at any given point of time. The team of Gradvine was always open to queries from my side regarding the application process. Gradvine’s university shortlisting, SOP drafting process and every little possible help made me apply to universities which were not even in my list and receive admits from a few of them. Having gone through the entire application process, I can firmly say, had it not been for Gradvine, I would not have applied to certain prestigious universities and receive admits from them. I would highly recommend Gradvine for any serious applicant who plans to crack into universities well deserving of their potential.

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Akshay Desai

Purdue University, University of Maryland-College Park, Master's in Business Analytics and Information Management

I highly recommend Gradvine for all the MS aspirants out there. They do a terrific job and very well know how to bring out the best in a profile. I was skeptical about applying to top universities but Sreekar convinced me to do so. I received tremendous help in structuring my SoP and the final draft wouldn't have been possible without Gradvine's guidance. I have received admits from schools I was least expecting to get into. All thanks to my mentor and others at Gradvine. :+1:

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Amisha Guptà

Purdue University, Cornell University, Master's in Engineering Management (MEM)

Grad application is a tedious process, it always pays to have someone experienced around you when you fill in the same. So grateful to have Gradvine beside me during the same time! They are super helpful and available to provide with insights whenever required! Being graduates from the top universities themselves helps a lot! Gradvine, thank you for making the process so smooth.

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Ashish Chadda

Dartmouth College, Master's in Engineering Management (MEM)

I WISH I’D FOUND THEM SOONER. As I left the Prometric test centre with a decent GRE score, I believed that I successfully completed a huge chunk of my MS application process. Little did I know, that this was just the beginning of a convoluted journey that I always imagined would be rather disappointing and futile. Thanks to my friend’s recommendation, I approached Gradvine Services. A BIG THANK YOU to their incredible team that works tirelessly to ensure that NO student who approaches them ever feels like they aren’t “good enough.” My experience with the mentors especially Suraj has been inexplicably BLISSFUL. His relentless prodding literally led me to an honest soul search that helped me realise what I was capable of. And here I am, with MS in IE admits from two of my dream universities (Northeastern University and SUNY Buffalo) among others. Unlike other major Consultancies out there, Gradvine services are tailored to fit the program and the student’s potential. To you a prospective student who’s reading this review, do not let the PROCESS DAUNT YOU. Pursue your dream education with Gradvine’s guidance. Rest assured, they truly have BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.

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Saadiya Ismail

SUNY Buffalo, Northeastern University, Master's in Industrial Engineering

I came to know about gradvine from the yocket group for MS in US. When I had my first talk with them, I knew I had come to the right place. His knowledge about the admissions process and colleges was something that I didn’t find in the previous counselors I had consulted with during my last year of application. I started my SOP and LOR process with Jonathan and with A LOT of iterations, we finally arrived with the essay that I was more than happy with. The best part was that the SOP is a reflection of who I am. He helped me in articulating it better without changing the story. I would like to thank both Jonathan and the Gradvine team for all the help and guidance. And would happily recommend it to other people as well.

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Sukriti Mittal

SUNY Stony Brook, Master's in Computer Science

I came to know about Gradvine from a random friend on yocket. Gradvine was great with university shortlisting. They listed out the universities which were my best bet. I had the flexibility to include a few of the universities I personally was interested in. Soon after finalizing the list I was assigned a mentor who has gone through the same process as me and is in the field I am interested in. Eash as a mentor helped me understand what the universities are looking for in an essay/SOP. After a lot many iterations, we settled with one perfect draft which helped get into one of the brilliant universities (Texas A&M, college station) which was pointed out as highly ambitious for my score. I am extremely happy with the outcome. But Overall, a happy experience.

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Vani Sk

Texas A&M University, Management Information Systems (MIS)

I remember at the time of applying to my dream design schools, I was exploring consultancies from across the world that could help me with my applications for design programmes. Pretty much all the doors that I knocked on went unanswered because the majority of the consultancies focused only on MBA and engineering courses. They felt design was too niche and the few consultancies that could help me were just exorbitant. I met Gradvine only a few months before I decided to take their services professionally. My mentor was upfront and told me that he could help me to the best of his ability even though it was his first time of working on such a profile. At some level, I was probably taking a risk but in hindsight, it turned out to be possibly one of the best decisions of my life! Working with my mentor and the Gradvine team was a phenomenal learning curve for me too. While I discussed my thought process and my ideas with the Gradvine team, they helped me in crystallizing and refining each draft. For weeks altogether, I was made to delve deeper into what I wanted from this course, what my skill-sets were, what failures and joy define me as a person and eventually I looked further inside to understand what I wanted from life. My essays came to reflect each of these cornerstones through my brainstorming sessions with Gradvine. My mentor worked with me at every step of this "journey". He worked tirelessly on my essays, my portfolios until each of them were curated to reflect perfection in thought and in articulation. He knew when to pause when a certain para was going off the radar of the question.. basically, all elements required to make the essay one to reckon with. I also remember him working on reducing my essays from 4500 words to 1500 words! It is not an easy job at all. While admits came through soon after my submissions, the experience of getting Gradvine on board will stay with me. I highly, highly recommend Gradvine to students aspiring for undergraduate and graduate studies. You will not regret your decision and you will live to tell a story! After all, Gradvine gave me the career I had only dreamt of.

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Lavanya Julaniya

Parson's School of Design, IIT Institute of Design, Dual Degree - Master's in Design + MBA

I found information about gradvine on one of the Facebook pages and decided to schedule a call with them for help with the preparation of my portfolio. One phone call with Gradvine was enough to convince me that gradvine could provide me with something that the other organizations could not - frank and effective advice. Over the next three months, I worked with Priyanshi, my mentor and went over several drafts of essays for every university, until I had one document each for every university that I decided to apply for. In my mentor, I found a strict professionalism which inspired me to push my limits and brought out the best in me. The rigorous process of writing my essays also helped me improve my judgement about the universities I applied to, and I concluded a hectic university application process with high spirits and confidence, thanks to Gradvine. True to my instincts, admits poured in starting with a master’s admit for Computer Science in Arizona State University, followed by North Carolina State University. I hit success with a Canadian university as well, in receiving an admit from the Simon Fraser University for a professional master’s degree in Computer Science, specialising in Big Data. But an admit from the State University of New York at Stony Brook was the icing on the cake. The thing I liked the most about Gradvine was their realistic (at the same time inspirational) approach towards the application process, which put me in a great mindset, helping me through a tedious application process. P. S. I was able to achieve all of this with the help of my mentor Priyanshi and Gradvine, while working 50 hours every week.

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Pavan Kottapalli

SUNY Stony Brook, Master's in Computer Science

The best part about the Gradvine team is that they don't treat you as a customer. Instead, they guide you and treat you as their friend or someone on their own team. The team has helped me with the entire process, from structuring my SOP, shortlisting Universities based on my preferences to helping me out with my applications. Also, having your own mentor belonging to your field has helped me a lot. The mentors not only help you out with your applications but also guide you with planning your MS studies in order to achieve your career goals. I wish all the best to the Gradvine team and hope many more will opt for your service in the future. Kudos to the team for coming up with an ALL in ONE platform for aspiring MS students.

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Abdul Raheem

Clemson University, University of Houston, Master's in Industrial Engineering

The first reason for choosing Gradvine over other commercial consultancies was that most of the mentors over here are young talents who are either currently pursuing or just completed their further studies. And my instincts were right. They guide you like a senior in college who is helping a junior get through the whole process. The mentors themselves being students couple of years back, understand your situation properly and help you in the best possible way. The process is genuine, economical and way better than other consultancies. Thanks to Tarun and the Gradvine Team for their constant guidance to make a better SoP. Thanks for everything and I hope Gradvine achieves greater heights. Congratulations on what you have achieved and All the Best for your future endeavors.

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Bala Sai Yashvanth

SUNY Buffalo, Master's in Industrial Engineering

I reached out to Gradvine's team after reading up a lot of positive reviews. I opted for the express service. What I really like is that they don't spoon feed you with what needs to be written in your Statement of Purpose unlike what I've heard about other consultancies. They make you write your SOP on your own, However, what they did provide me with was this - a very comprehensive critique of my initial draft and insightful guidelines on how I could make my SOP more impactful. This meant that all my content would still be original, however it would simply have an advantage of being reviewed by a team of very competent individuals. Would highly recommend their service if you actually want to work on your SOP and maintain your individuality and not have someone draft a generic one for you.

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Rishi Prasad Pisipati

Carnegie Mellon University, Master's in Education Technology and Applied Learning

Won't lie. Was a little skeptical about gradvine in the start. But it proved me wrong in every way possible. The abundant support and guidance by the mentors helped me bag an admit from most of my universitities. Generally all students, before applying for foreign graduate studies never believe in their true potential. Gradvine showed me what I was deserving of. Helped me expand my horizons in ways I wouldn't have thought of in the beginning. So without a doubt in mind, I can tell they definitely are mentoring the future.

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Faisal Adnan

Clemson University, Master's in Industrial Engineering

Hello Hustlers. Four months ago, I was just as you deprived of not getting the right information from the right person. I have spoken to 4-5 consultancies and had no choice but to believe in them. Even though I realized I was not comfortable, I had to go with that consultancy because of the time crunch as I did not give GRE or TOEFL until then. When I was about to pay for that consultancy suddenly a facebook friend messaged me to try out Gradvine. In no time, I gave a call to Gradvine and post our conversation I decided that Sreekar was the right person with right knowledge. Without even meeting the team, I could somehow signal that I was in the right person’s hand. He proved to be supportive from choosing the discipline to completing the final stages of applications. You can receive responses from info@gradvine in a couple of minutes. This speeds up your application process leaving no room for mistakes. Let me cite a few examples. As I was confused between Industrial and MEM, Sreekar spent a couple of hours to explain to me the pros, cons, and life after graduation. As they were in our position 5 years back, their explanations were logical and relatable. I generally ask a lot of questions and they respond without any frustration. Coming to shortlisting, trust me they give you best shortlist of universities based on location, program and their mentor/alumni network. My brothers stay in the US and they have asked me to show the shortlist and each one said “Vinayak, You have got a very good mix”. Moreover, my peers who are in the program said you have got a good mix. No quora and no seniors can give you such a focused list. Gradvine’s best thing is that they connect you to the mentor who was/are in the same discipline that you are going for. In this way you get the right mentorship with the SOP’s and LOR’s. My mentor Mr. Venkata Ravishankar was helpful and supportive in terms of SOP’s and LOR’s. He made me define my purpose of going to US and showcase that on the SOP which gives me a good front. Let me tell you, if you follow the Gradvine’s structure for SOP and LOR you will get into your desired universities for sure. As I followed the instructions from my mentor, my SOP is now fine-tuned defining my end purpose of coming to the US. Venkat has a day job but was still able to clarify every question pertaining to the SOP/LOR. During his lunch breaks, he used to call me to discuss the content on the SOP. You send the document to him (you give the vision to the SOP), he will return to you in less than two days with better versions of the document and using the right technical words. The mentors give you the right amount of time to make your SOP look much better than previous versions. I never expected my SOP could come out so well, look so strong and I can honestly transfer the credit to the Gradvine team. Even though committed to other student’s work, the Gradvine team responded in less than one day to reduce my SOP from 1300 words to 500 words. When my mentor was out of station, the Gradvine team helped to edit and furnish my first LOR. To understand whether to retake or not to retake the TOEFL, they helped. To understand whether to take thesis or non-thesis they helped. During the application process, my mentor and the team both were damn helpful and replied in minutes to the messages. Any doubts in the application, I used to click a photo and send it to the Gradvine team. Because of them I was less tensed during the applications because even finishing applications carefully is important. I am sure that I will get into my dream university and a give a vote of thanks to Venkat and team. Gradvine has been one of the best decisions in my Master’s process because it benefitted me in a lot of ways. Coming to the cost, do not worry your money is in good hands and every penny is worth. Half of my tensions were taken by the team. Thank you Gradvine. Note: Remember. Keep in touch with the team so that they can serve you better. Cheers, Vinayak Boorugu.

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Vinayak Boorugu

Texas A&M University, North Carolina State University, Master's in Industrial Engineering

These guys are amazing , they know their work and are passionate about it .

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Akshaya Arvind

TU Delft, Master's in Construction Management

After I was done with my GRE the daunting task of shortlisting universities and writing down my statement of purpose was upon me. I had no idea that the task of introspection would be so hard, caught me a by a bit of surprise, but that is when I met gradvine. They held a masters mixer at their office in hyderabad where I got to know the mentors who were gonna help me. The whole process after I took up their service was pretty smooth. I never met my mentor in person but the help I received from him is what I'll be thankful forever. I'd definitely recommend them since they are the best at what they do

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Abdul Najeeb

Clemson University, University of Houston, Master's in Industrial Engineering

They surely deliver what they promise. They don’t let you compromise on universities because of your scores. They try get the best out of the available options.

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Vishal Reddy

University of Exeter, MSc Management

I got my admission to Paderborn and three more universities in Germany. My mentor and the Gradvine team are very helpful in writing a strong SOP and letter of recommendations. Thank you.

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Lokesh Tej

Paderborn University, Master's in Electrical Systems Engineering

I'd strongly recommend Gradvine for those aspiring to study in their dream universities. They have the best team of experienced mentors guiding you through the application process. I had a very satisfying experience and I thank Gradvine Team for the assistance.

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Mallika Uddaraju

University of Manchester, Warwick Business School, University of Exeter, MSc Management

Definitely recommended, do try taking their free call. They helped me secure dream admits.

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Raja rishi

Johns Hopkins University, Master's in Engineering Management

I consider myself fortunate enough to have found Gradvine through Facebook. These guys are really passionate about their work and know what they're doing. At first, I was a bit skeptical as the entire process would be online. But I am glad that I went with Gradvine as I am done with my admission season with two admits (NEU & UMD). Frankly speaking, NEU wasn't on my list at first. It was my mentor who told me about the school and hence, I filled their application. So these guys really do help in university shortlisting based on one's profile, unlike other consultants who just provide everyone with the same list of safe universities. Apart from university shortlisting, I took their help for my SOP editing as well. My mentor was proactive throughout the process. We exchanged a number of drafts until we both were satisfied. The final draft was completely different from what I gave my mentor initially. He did not focus on embellishing the passage like most editors do, rather, gave me suggestions on improving the content. He highlighted a number of flaws in the initial draft that I couldn't figure out on my own. I have no qualms in admitting that without my mentor and the entire Gradvine team's support I wouldn't have had these admits. If you have any queries, please feel free to drop a pm. All the Best!

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Dweep Gogia

University of Maryland-College Park, Northeastern University, -

When I first started to approach consultants about applying to masters programs in bioinformatics, they didn’t seem to have detailed knowledge about the field or the program, but that wasn’t the case with Gradvine. I remember talking to the Gradvine team about my application process and he quickly connected me with a mentor. My mentor, Nishant Gerald, helped me shape my SOP and resume, and with his assistance I managed to grab a couple of great admits. The Gradvine team made the daunting process of applying a much simpler one!

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Manjusha Indukuri

Cornell Univeristy, Duke University, Northeastern University, New York University, Master's in Engineering Management

Its been a pleasant experience with Gradvine! They give you a basic structure to frame your essays and resumes right after which, you're appointed to a mentor. My mentor, Rohit Reddy, was someone who personally reviewed my essays and has played the most significant role! He helped me bring out my strengths, which definitely worked in my favour! I'm happy with my admits. The Gradvine team is super approachable and will guide you through. They'd be your go to person when you'd be fretting over the littlest things. Very committed to their work! They will squeeze in time for last reviews and appoint the right resources so your profile is good to go!! Thanks team!

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Arushi Kathpal

Carnegie Mellon University, Indiana University-Kelley School of Business, Master's in Information Systems

Got to hear about Gradvine through Suraj who I’ve known for years now from his time at CBIT. After having tried a couple of services in the past, I was thrilled to have had such an exceptional service provided by the folks at Gradvine. From shortlisting colleges to setting realistic expectations, they’ve done it all. I wouldn’t bat an eyelash to recommend these guys to anyone wishing to pursue their Post Graduation. I think now’s a good time as any to thank Sreekar for having put up with so many questions and requests over the course of 5 months and I know they’re only going places from here.

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Harshita Gonela

EDHEC, MSc Management

When I first started to approach consultants about applying to masters programs in bioinformatics, they didn’t seem to have detailed knowledge about the field or the program, but that wasn’t the case with Gradvine. I remember talking to the Gradvine team about my application process and they quickly connected me with a mentor. My mentor, Nishant Gerald, helped me shape my SOP and resume, and with his assistance I managed to grab a couple of great admits. The Gradvine team made the daunting process of applying a much simpler one!

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Manasa Vegesna

Carnegie Mellon University, John Hopkins, Georgia Tech, Master's in Bioinformatics

I reached out to Gradvine for my MEM applications right after giving GRE. I had my doubts but the mentors here genuinely encouraged me to apply to the best universities and helped me receive admits from the same. The way Gradvine ensured that I transform my profile into the best applications is something I'm grateful for.

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Harshal Kusuma

Johns Hopkins University, Purdue University, Master's in Engineering Management

I am writing this right after having received my Ivy League admit. I am in a state of absolute disbelief and am truly grateful that I chanced upon Gradvine. They are the best admission consultants one can go to. They not only help at every step in the way, even with the most minute questions but the best part is that they make you believe in yourself and aim higher. I would have never even thought of applying to an Ivy League University, without them pushing me to do so. Thank you Gradvine and especially my mentor, who was readily available even late into the night to answer every doubt I had.

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Pragati Priya

Dartmouth College, Master's in Engineering Management

I came to know about Gradvine from many of my friends. It is truly an extremely good organisation that matches students with schools that can bring out the best in them. I would whole heartedly suggest Gradvine to anyone trying to get into top schools.

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Sai Krishna Potluri

Indian School of Business (ISB), PGP

One thing they don't mention on their website is the way they treat you. They treat you as your friend and they will help you in every possible way. And sometimes they go extra mile for you. just for you. This is what I liked about gradvine apart from the excellent service they provide.

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Mritunjay Anup

New York University, Northeastern University, UC Santa Barbara, Master's in Engineering Management

I would like to thank the Gradvine team for helping me out throughout the application cycle. Starting from selection of universities to helping you represent your credentials into a superlative profile, they've got your back. I would also like to thank my mentor Mr. Bhanu for assisting me in every step and clearing even the silliest doubts I had. The peer-to-peer consultation service Gradvine provides is incomparable. Thank you Gradvine for helping me secure an admit from my dream school.

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Amrita Dutta

Carnegie Mellon University, University of Chicago, Columbia University, Master's in Analytics

Its been exactly 1 year since I started my graduate school. When I look back at the time when I was filling applications for US universities, having someone constantly guide you through the entire process is something invaluable and I feel highly obliged writing this review. I can't thank my mentor enough for his time, effort and motivation in making me realise my potential and helping me work towards getting into the university I always wanted. Anyone seeking authentic and precise help for college applications, Look no further than Gradvine. Thank-you and Keep up the good work guys !!!

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Devansh Saini

University of Illinois-Chicago, Master's in Industrial Engineering

My mentor was my senior in College, So I happened to enroll for the call evaluation. I realised how much I needed to improve in my profile holistically to have best profile the top universities in US. My mentor has helped me in various right from college selection to doubts while filling the application and afterwards as well. The tagline is really apt " been there, Done it." I recommend everyone who has a doubt if they can dream of joining the top universities to be mentored by Gradvine and accomplish thier dreams.

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Abhilash GP

New York University, Master's in Engineering Management

I consider myself fortunate enough to get to know about Gradvine. After giving the ETS tests, I was in a dilemma of whether I need to take help from any consultant or to go on my own regarding the application process. Gradvine came to my rescue and not only cleared up all my queries but also helped me in getting into one of the best universities in the US. I would like to thank my mentor who guided me in the entire process from shortlisting the universities, tailoring my sop and deciding on my final university. The mentors are really approachable and are available without any constraints on time. Apart from this, I attended the meetups initiated by the Gradvine team at Hyderabad and got a chance to connect with various other aspirants. This helped me in sharing my thoughts with many other people and to get insights/ideas from them. Pursuing Masters is a one-time opportunity for most of us and you would not like to take chances on the university shortlisting and application process. Gradvine is the best platform to adhere to during this phase and it would assuredly help you in chasing your dreams. Thank you Gradvine!!

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Bhaskar Vemuri

Northeastern University, Master's in Computer Science

I came to know about gradvine from one of my friends and joining gradvine gave a big boost to my profile which ultimately lead to my selection in some of the best Universities in the USA. The mentors at gradvine were very cooperative and helped me prepare an outstanding SOP, the backbone of any university selection criteria. Gradvine helped me in projecting myself in a way that truly did justice to my academic accomplishments and other achievements. Also, they push you to your maximum limits for college selection that helped me get into my dream college about which I had never even thought of with my average GRE and TOEFL score.

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Kshitij Malik

New York University, Master's in Computer Engineering

I had the best experience at Gradvine. They not only helped me in securing a seat for my masters at NYU, my dream university, but also gave me correct guidance at a point where I was not even sure which course would be the right fit for me. Their way of connecting me with a mentor who is already pursuing the course I was applying to helped me immensely during the whole process. The Gradvine team were available 24/7 for any help I needed in my applications. All in all, I would recommend Gradvine to anybody in the blink of an eye!

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Vivek Karicheti

New York University, Northeastern University, Master's in Engineering Management

Gradvine was my first choice because I was aware of their capabilities and trusted their judgement. Even though the process is entirely done online, it is extremely smooth and convenient. Having only 10 days to apply to multiple colleges for different masters programs was extremely stressful. With each application being entirely different from one another, there was a lot of effort that had to be put in to make sure it was the best. My mentor's responsiveness and approachability is definitely praiseworthy. He always replied almost instantly at any point of time. My mentor’s inputs on each of my MBA application was very helpful and they made sure I was only submitting a top notch application. Their methodology and framework for writing essays and SOPs makes sure you address key points that shouldn’t be overlooked. Gradvine is definitely one of the main reasons I got admits from Harvard, Duke, Purdue, Northeastern and York University.

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Chandra Sekhar Chittineni

Purdue University, Northeastern University, Duke University, Master's in Engineering Management (MEM)

I came across gradvine through mutual friends and initially relying on their reviews was only half way convincing as I was unsure how different would their approach be towards the entire MS application process. But after a call with one of their team members and informative suggestions and discussions, I was more than convinced to go through with them mainly because I needed assistance in building up an exceptional SOP and Resume which I will confirm without doubt has been the most intensive, personalized effort invested by the mentors. I have gone through this process a year ago and all the new changes I incorporated this time were very significant and of high standards. This made me realize how I missed out on analyzing a lot of key areas earlier. So good luck to the team and thank you for being availabile for every query I've had.

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Marilyn Joyner

University of Connecticut, Master's in Business Analytics

I heard about Gradvine from a friend and I subscribed to their services to build my application for MS from scratch. It was great to have a mentor who himself had gone through the whole process of applying. My mentor helped me with understanding what to highlight and guided me thoroughly in preparing all the required documents with many revisions and invaluable suggestions. I was able to shortlist universities that met my expectations and the strength of my profile. I highly recommend Gradvine for future aspirants.

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Ram Vundavalli

New York University, Arizona State University, Master's in Computer Science

The best service one should select if they plan to attend GRAD SCHOOL. My journey to University of Illinois Urbana Champaign would not be possible if had not selected GRADVINE. I never thought I would get admitted to any Grad school with a GRE of 308. school services are also excellent. Please do give a request call to them as they clear all the doubts and motivate you.

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Northeastern University, Master's in Mechanical Engineering

Gradvine is one of the best educational consultancies out there. They really know what they do. Of course they help you in making your SOPs LORs better and choosing the universities but apart from that they have guided me through my career and helped me in building my profile too. They have profound knowledge on all the universities and even coursework also. I definitely recommend Gradvine for all aspiring graduate students.

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Sai Charan Tej Bandi

Northeastern University, -

Gradvine has played a key role in my Masters application process for short listing universities and in drafting my SOP ,LORs and Resume . Their selection of colleges is unbiased and according to my requirements . My mentor is always a message or mail away to fix a time comfortable to both of us and clear my doubts in the application process and help in drafting my Essays. Gradvine has helped me in all the ways to project my profile in the best way possible to the universities. I am very thankful for the continuous services they are providing from a long time since last July

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Akhil Nagulavancha

Northeastern University, Indiana University, Master's in Computer Engineering

Gradvine is really different from the other consultancies. It's much better than its competitors in the services it provides, and the way it helps you project your profile and experiences on your applications is more holistic.

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Sriraj Kandala

North Carolina State University, Master's in Electronics and Communication

Reliable service, Awesome mentors, Satisfactory results. Overall I would recommend it to anyone who is planning to go in their dream universities but I would also suggest to have a strong research on your behalf as well. Don't become completely dependent on any consultancy as it is you who will be actually going and its you who whose career and money will be on stake.

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Anutosh Trivedi

The University of Texas at Dallas, University of Colorado Boulder, Master's in Engineering Management

After graduation, I started exploring graduate study options in construction management. I knew that I required a great GRE score, but that was about it. After asking around and talking to students who have done it, I realised that guidance regarding the application process was essential. I learned about Gradvine and it’s success rate from a friend of friend and approached them. They assisted me in foraying into the world of graduate studies in architecture. Gradvine assigned a one on one mentor who remained committed throughout the entire process. With Jonathan’s guidance and a decent GRE score, I built my profile and personalised my SOPs and gained honest LORs. This enabled me to showcase my strengths and not get lost along the way. Today, I have gotten letters of admission from some of the top schools in the country. Thanks, Gradvine!

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Hanisha Chava

New York University, Arizona State University, Master's in Construction Management

I visited a consultancy after giving my GRE and as I recall their words stating that I was too ambitious to aspire for certain universities. I enrolled at Gradvine quite late and was worried if I would be able to meet the fall deadlines for Master’s in Industrial Engineering, but my mentor counseled and assured that a well built is more important to get an admit in a good university. My mentor Varun were extremely cooperative. I look back to those days when I often called them during the busy hours of their schedule and they helped me until my queries got resolved. In spite of several drafts the team never compromised until my SOP and LORs turned out well. Am thankful to both of them who stood by my side every day in achieving my goal. I was impressed by Gradvine’s approach as it is quite different from other educational services. The team ensures that the students are well guided regarding universities and career opportunities. I was initially skeptical about their work but later realized that I couldn't find such an honest and a genuine place. I thank the entire team for their constant support in every step of the way and I highly recommend Gradvine to students who are keen to get into good universities. Will remember you guys for a lifetime.

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Akshita Reddy Patlolla

Clemson University, University of Houston, Master's in Industrial Engineering

1. Clear Modus-Operandi for all programs. 2. Approachable mentors via WhatsApp/email/phone. 3. Completely trustworthy mentors. 4. Working with mentors who, as the tagline says, have "been there, done that", their experiences come in very handy. 5. Clearly, a better choice than all the big names out there from both the price-point and services offered perspective. Thank you, my mentor and the rest of the team. PS: The earlier you register, the better it is. So that the slots don't fill out.

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Vikas Singh

UT Austin, Purdue University, Master's in Business Analytics (MSBA)

Gradvine is one of the best consultancies in Hyderabad. They have got good knowledge about the universities and their expectancy from the applicants. In other consultancies you find mentors writing SOP for you, which is the easiest way to prepare but you won't be able to get the best output. Here at Gradvine the mentors ask you to come up with your own version of SOP first, later with their knowledge and experience they edit it in the best possible way which the universities expects. Also my mentor was very helpful for me in shortlisting the universities. He has got very good knowledge about the universities, based on the requirements he suggests you the best universities. Overall my experience with Gradvine is great.

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Nirdesh Konireddy

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Northeastern University, Master's in Electronics and Communication

Helpful and supportive team. Put in sincere efforts to help me get into my dream college. It was a great experience on the whole.

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Ritika Kamtam

North Carolina State University, University of Pittsburgh, Texas A&M, Master's in Electronics and Communication

They’re very helpful. Exquisite experience, all in all.

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Rahul Anand

UIUC, Northeastern University, Master's in Engineering Management

It was a great experience receiving the guidance of the Gradvine team in my application process. Even though all our interactions were through phone calls and texts, I never felt that I lacked an in-person meeting with them. I applied for MS in HCI in US universities and being connected with a mentor, Japneet Boyal, who is currently studying at the University of Washington, was very helpful as she provided me with good insights about different universities, forming connections, and the applications. Even though we lived in different time zones, communication with her was always smooth. Sneha, from the Gradvine team, answered my pettiest doubts with sheer patience and was always just at a text's reach. Applying for MS in HCI, I was confused about selecting the universities initially, as many of the good ones offered it not as a program but as a concentration. However, helped by Suraj, I was confident of my shortlisted universities soon. Another thing I liked about Gradvine is that when it comes to essays, they help with the structure and render the applicant the liberty to write the content, unlike other admission consultants. I think it's a very intelligent and perhaps the most appropriate way of helping an applicant by connecting him/her to a mentor who has studied or is studying a similar program. In three words, the Gradvine team is- 'smart, dedicated and at hand.'

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Sonal Jaiswal


Before I approached Gradvine I was in a dilemma about getting into a good college for Construction Management. My mentor Akhila Reddy was really good at mentoring me and guided me through all the obstacles. The way Gradvine handles things is very professional and is very punctual. I landed an admit into UT Austin, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and looking forward to hearing from other top colleges as well. I am really happy with the way things worked out for me and it's all thanks to Gradvine.

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Hardhik Reddy

UT Austin, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Ms in Construction Management Technology

I got admits from good universities like the University of Maryland which I didn't think I had the profile for. But Gradvine mentors helped me throughout the process and helped me understand what is to be done. I would like to mention Sneha, my application manager, she helped me a lot even though when I was freaking out on many occasions as many of us will as this is all new to most of us, she and all the Gradvine mentors I worked with helped me find a way out and hopefully after all this hard work I will be at my dream uni this fall.

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Abhishek Anand

UTD, UMCP, Master's in Business Analytics

process for masters is concerned. Meghana, my mentor has been extremely helpful in drafting and improving my resume, SOP's and other essays. She helped me choose the colleges based on my interests and preferences. She helped me shape my application to various universities and was very reliable and helped me finish my applications way before the deadlines. Apart from helping with my application, my mentor always got back to my questions about different programs and college environments. Thanks to Gradvine's support and encouragement, I have been able to get admits from top universities like Stanford, CMU, Duke, Michigan and others. I would highly recommend Gradvine to anyone planning to pursue higher studies abroad.

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Shreya Reddy Jetty

Stanford University, UT Austin, UC Berkeley, UPenn, Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, MS in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Sustainability

The application process can sometimes feel very daunting and it is always helpful to have a cool head guide you through this phase. My mentor has been extremely resourceful, helpful and sometimes more confident than myself of cracking an admit in a dream university. Unlike other consultancies where you are given a common template to fill in the blanks for your SOP, Gradvine encourages applicants to write their own story, thus making each application unique and fresh. The founders Sreekar and Suraj are quite patient to hear you out and refine your essays to the highest degree possible. I highly recommend Gradvine to everyone who is planning for higher studies, not just for university shortlisting and application essays but also for picking the right course for your profile and making a step in the right

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Daniel Peter

Duke University, Cornell University, Masters in Engineering Management

As a student who has previously enrolled in other consultancies for higher education, I found GradVine to be the best for the following reasons: 1. They assign a mentor who has completed the degree you wish to pursue and this mentor gives you guidance throughout the application process, be it SOP’s, Resume, LOR’s and additional essays. They also have unlimited reviews for unlimited number of universities and the mentors respond promptly. 2. The co-founders are both extremely hands on and respond immediately with feedback or answers to questions asked. The co-founders both have studied at the top universities and are extremely knowledgeable about the higher education application process. 3. They provide great value for money! I would definitely recommend this service to anyone seeking assistance for higher education. They played a pivotal role in me securing admits to my dream universities, one of which is an Ivy League!

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Vaishnavi Kannur

Dartmouth College, Columbia University, Cornell University, Duke University, Imperial College, Penn State, Purdue University, Masters in Engineering Management

I am so happy to join Gradvine. Many people discouraged me about getting admits from ambitious universities and I decided on not applying. Thanks to Sreekar, (My mentor at gradvine) I took his advise and applied to all those universities which I had lost hope on. Resulted, I got an admit from one of the ambitious universities. With their help, I could highlight my strengths and reiterate my SOP in a way that got me the admit. Thank you Gradvine and special thanks to Sreekar! He made sure that all my drafts were reviewed at the earliest time possible.

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Janavi Shah

Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, USC, NEU, NYU, Masters in Engineering Management

My experience with Gradvine played a very key role in my admission process for Masters abroad.Their response is always quick and precise which really helped me to meet the critical deadlines. Also I have been mentored by mentors from top-notch universities who are very critical in their evaluation process. This really helped me to understand the situation better and work on my SOPs accordingly.Consequently I received admits from Columbia University,CMU ,Duke, NYU,USC,UFL etc Like

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Divya Pabba

Columbia University, CMU ,Duke University, NYU, USC, UFL, MS in Computer Science

Like most, I was a very confused MS aspirant. I took the necessary tests, knew what field I was interested, and knew what I expected of a program. But, after that, I was... Lost. So many schools, so many programs, so many options! Then, Gradvine swooped in, and rescued me from the perpetual state of mental crisis that I had become an unwilling resident of. From helping pick the right schools for me, to offering unparalleled inputs on how to improve the various components of my college applications, Gradvine did it all. They have a great team (shout-out to Suraj!), and an amazing network of mentors (looking at you, Rohit!) that treat your applications as if they were their own. They are the ones that made it possible for me to not just dream, but also get accepted into, some of the best colleges in the US. I highly recommend their services. They help you tap into your true potential. You'll reach for new heights with Gradvine.

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Sugandhi Akula

TAMU, Management information system (MIS)

When I decided to pursue masters abroad, I wasn't sure how I would approach the application process, I was overwhelmed by the whole process of writing SOP's and tailoring my application to get accepted into top notch programs. Around the same time I saw majority of my peers chose generic consultancies where they would shell out a lot of money for a generic format and no assistance at all, I decided to proceed with my application without assistance and that's when I heard about Gradvine through a friend. My interaction with them was great and I decided to take up their services and it was probably the best decision I took at that time. The founders themselves went through the same arduous process as me and ended up in colleges that I could never dream of applying to, they know what works and what doesn't work. They helped me shortlist colleges and connected me to a mentor in the same field as me. My mentor helped me draft my SOP and iteratively refined it and tailored it for each application based on the requirement. My mentor was extremely helpful throughout the process ,was extremely patient and friendly as well. In the end I ended up getting admits from top notch programs at Northeastern University, UC Irvine and UC Riverside. I would gladly recommend Gradvine to anyone aspiring to go abroad for their graduate studies. The sole focus of their service is to put forward the best version of you to get admits into your dream institution unlike the other services They cost me fraction of what my friends paid for their services from other consultancies.

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Siddartha Lingam

NEU, UC Riverside, UC Irvine, -

Gradvine has helped me to get into my dream university.while starting my application process I was unsure about a lot of things.Their team worked tirelessly to help me out even with the smallest of the doubts I had and made my profile look good.I would highly recommend gradvine to any individual who is starting out with their masters application.

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Venkat Phani

Case Western, UT Arlington, NYU, Suny Buffalo, Ms in Industrial Engineering

With founders of gradvine being my seniors at college, I was always inclined towards going to Gradvine. Their continuous efforts to help students fetch amazing admits is praise worthy. I contacted gradvine right after completing my GRE. We started the process early as I wanted to apply in the priority round. I’d like to thank my mentors Sreekar and Shanmathi for always imbibing confidence in me and helping me with SOPs and the entire application process. If you want to get into your dream university, Gradvine should be your go-to service.

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Dheeraj Bagayath

University of Minnesota, Duke University, Purdue University, University of Cincinnati, UMCP, JHU, Masters in Engineering Management (MEM)

Brilliant Guidance. Their team is always available when you need them. The mentoring system is so good, It helps you solve things with professional guidance and student point of view. I've received admits from UIC, University of Houston and Clemson University. I'm glad to have chosen this service. Cheers!

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Ashish Lavudia

UIC, University of Houston, Clemson University, MS in Mechanical Engineering

I opted for the "The Smart Things to do" package with the Gradvine. I received continuous support from my Mentor regarding the University shortlisting, writing SOP and helping me writing an additional essays. One of the best thing that I liked about Gradvine is their delivery and quick implementation process. All of my documents were completed on time and there was no delay in the application process. All the essay were simple, coherent and eloquent. I would definitely recommended Gradvine who is looking out for the support for their Grad School application especially for the United States. However, I did not receive any kind of help regarding the Visa application and I was left on my own as they had no Idea about the other countries visa application process apart from US and Canada. They did not had mentors who in past had studied in European Countries (Core Engineering branches). I opted for their service in Oct. 2018 and applied for the Universities for Fall 19. Overall, I would recommend gradvine to everyone who is looking for the support for their Grad school application as they are comparatively cheap and better than rest of the consulting services in India.

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Rujul Bhat

RWTH Aachen, Masters in Engineering Management

Completing my undergraduate course of four years in five years with a grade so embarrassing that it doesn’t even allow me to write it here, a graduate degree was a distant thought. I remember calling random agencies who claim they complete aspiring students’ dreams and being completely shot down by them. Gradvine was the first organisation which welcomed me and understood all the minute details in my resume. Their attitude towards each applicant goes hand in hand with the phrase “Putting you in touch with people who’ve been through the process”. The kind of advice I received from Gradvine, after I trusted them, has allowed me to secure admission in one of the most sought-after universities. The fact which amazed me was the balance between friendship and professionalism that their mentors offer. To be specific, I had an amazing journey with respect to my applications, thanks to Bhanu Srivastav. I am glad I went for Gradvine, and I’m pretty sure that they offer the closest one on one advice any applicant wishes for during the traumas which unfold in the 4 months of the application process. I thank Suraj Peri and Bhanu Srivastav for their support which probably had made the entire application process fun, if anything.

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Penn State University, Master's in Industrial Engineering

I went to Gradvine over a year ago with a very vague idea of what I wanted to do. Today, I have a choice between some of the best universities in the world and it feels absolutely surreal. Gradvine's process is very different from your average consultancy and I can vouch that it works. The application process put me on an introspective journey and their guidance has been invaluable every step of the way. Not only did they help me figure out what my goals are but also how to communicate them effectively and it reflects in the admits. I highly recommend that everybody go through this process with Gradvine. It's incredible, their ability to help you recognize where you belong and get there.

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Sruti Paturi

Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value My experience at Gradvine has been great. Gradvine is a team of highly experienced, dedicated, genuine and empathetic people who truly care for your career. In the strained process of applications, the whole team was highly encouraging, supportive and prompt with answers. They have an impressive process where they assign a dedicated mentor to you who helps you build the finest Sop, Resume and even additional essays. Sreekar has been very kind and considerate through the process. He reviewed my essay in a very short notice when the deadline was approaching. No doubt, they have helped me secure top admits. I highly recommend Gradvine to those who are seeking assistance.

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Vidhika Lonare

Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Masters in Engineering Management

My profile when I had gone to them but my mentor Suraj believed in me and kept pushing me to apply to the best! I still remember that when I messaged Suraj after securing my first admit about which additional safe schools I should apply to, he had said: "No, maybe think about Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard" and lo and behold, I did end up securing an admit from Berkeley. Many aspirants lose out on their dream admits because people around them keep telling them that so and so school is too ambitious for them but the Gradvine team is both optimistic and realistic at the same time. They make sure you apply to a good mix of schools and put your best foot forward. Also, do not sign up with them with the expectation that they will write your essays. They are here to guide you and ensure that you are able to communicate your goals clearly! Would 10/10 recommend them. Thank you Suraj and Sreekar for your constant support and guidance!

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NEU, UPenn, CMU, NYU, UC Berkeley, Columbia University, MS in Computer Science

Gradvine is a great help for students who wish to get into tier1 universities. Sreekar has good expertise in guiding students to get into their dream colleges. He was very helpful in every aspect of admission which helped me to get an admit in a reputed B-school. Thanks Sreekar & Mihika for your support. Like

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Sree Vinay Tunuguntla

EDHEC, ESSEC, Advanced Master Strategy & Management of International Business (SMIB)

Positive: Communication, Professionalism I heard about Gradvine from a couple of friends and i happened to approach them very confidently based on what I heard from them. Being a doctor, it was my first time applying for colleges abroad and writing an SOP. I was quite anxious in the beginning, but with constant guidance from Suraj and Sreekar it made the entire process a lot more easier. With their help i could build a strong CV and SoP which helped me get into Imperial College Business School, London. I would highly recommend Gradvine to people looking to pursue a masters degree in any field whatsoever.

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Ankush Kosaraju

Imperial College, London, .

Amazing people and great service. Gradvine creates a perfect platform to not only find the perfect school for you, but also to help you explore your potential by getting to know each individual professionally and thoroughly. Applying to college can be super overwhelming initially. I had no clue what to do when I was considering applying for grad school but a member of Gradvine (Suraj) immediately responded and agreed to a meeting to help me with the process. Instead of assisting me with what I thought I wanted to do, Suraj catered perfectly to my needs by telling me what I didn't know that I wanted. By providing my multiple choices, he helped me pick the perfect career path and schools without any apprehensions or regrets. Gradvine is truely one of the best services a student can get with such a dynamic and hardworking group of committed members. Thank you so much for helping to realize my potential.

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Shreya Kosaraju

UIUC, USC, NEU, NYU, Masters in Engineering Management

4 months ago- I tried “free first calls” to almost every other consultancies in my city, then I had the first call with Gradvine. Luckily, It was Sreekar himself and it was not just my confusion that he resolved but also incited the confidence within me about the complete application process. I was convinced that it will be Gradvine I’ll go further with. Ashish (my mentor and Dartmouth MEMer) being from similar undergrad background was really helpful in directing my SOP. He made me introspect and brought the best of me to mention in the SOP. I am proud of crafting my own SOP today and getting into Duke MEM unlike my other friends who had their SOPs written completely by their consultants (which seriously is one of the best thing Gradvine makes you do!) So, If you are looking for an insightful and interesting application process, go for Gradvine!

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Shikhaj Jakhete

Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

The entire process of picking the right universities for your program, applying to them and waiting till you receive admits can be mentally taxing at times. This is where Gradvine steps in and turns your experience into a joy ride! I have been fortunate to have known the founders Sreekar and Suraj right from the early days of my Bachelor's degree and I had no second thoughts while approaching them. Based on my profile, they systematically guided me in shortlisting some of the best universities for the MEM program. My mentor, being a Dartmouth MEM candidate himself, was of great help to me. He guided me at every step and was always a call away to answer my queries while drafting application essays. Gradvine lets you draft your own SOPs, scholarship essays and resumes, unlike other consultancies which expect you to stick to their standard template. Also, Sreekar personally scrutinizes all the MEM applications to ensure perfection in every way possible. This way our application stands out from the rest in the pool of applicants and increases our chances of getting selected. After receiving admits from some of the best universities in the world for my program, I'm truly convinced that choosing Gradvine was definitely a SMART THING TO DO!

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Sriraag Govardhana

Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

Positive: Quality The one-to-one guidance and mentoring make the application process easier. The mentors are always available to guide us yet keep away from spoon-feeding making it a wholesome process for the students. Gradvine surely becomes an indispensable part of our journey to our dream university. Great experience!

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Neha Bharthi

Dartmouth College, Purdue University, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Masters in Engineering Management

Positive: Professionalism, Value Getting into one of the top schools in the world is not easy at all, but Gradvine really helped me through the entire process. They helped me make a game plan on how to attack the challenge and through their meticulous process, they they found several experiences that I thought irrelevant which now form an integral part of my story. I was extremely happy with Gradvine. They helped me get into my dream school, London Business School for a masters in management. They were extremely helpful in the application process and gave me a lot of perspective on what these institutions look for in students and how I should write my essay to effectively communicate my story. I would definitely recommend Gradvine without hesitation. You should definitely speak to Sreekar to really understand where and how to apply.

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Nikhil Anil Sivadas

London Business School, Master in Management

I got to know about Gradvine through a senior and found a huge difference in services which Gradvine offers, and other consultancy institutions offer. Jonathan and Suraj helped me throughout my application process for my masters. After a lot of discussion and sessions with Jonathan, I applied for 9 Universities and got into 8 of them. I appreciate Gravine members for their continuous support.

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Cincinnati University, The University of Texas at Dallas, Northeastern University, Master's in Business Analytics

Worth every single penny.

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University of Southern California, Purdue University, Northeastern University, Master's in Computer Science

I came across Gradvine almost a year back and I immediately realized that it could really help me. I signed up with them after having a conversation with Sreekar (the co-founder) about my intended major and he gave me valuable inputs. Down the road, with the help of my mentor and the entire Gradvine team, I have secured admits in the top universities. They will be there to help you anytime you reach out to them. To simply put it, you can't go wrong with Gradvine.

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Siddharth Sharan

Cornell University, Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value I had lost faith in consultancies because of my unpleasant experience when I had applied for Fall 2019 but Gradvine re-instated my faith in consultancies in India when I enrolled with them for my application process. Sreekar Reddy had been very helpful with the entire process end-to-end. We had multiple brainstorming sessions over calls to discuss the structure and flow of my Statement of Purpose. He has in-depth knowledge, especially for courses like Business Analytics and Engineering management. It would be an onerous task for me to verbalize how helpful Sreekar had been through the entire process. He restructured and optimized my essay very well. Thus, I landed with admits from Columbia, Tufts, Carnegie Mellon University with fellowship, University of Illinois, Arizona State University, Penn State and a couple of other colleges. Their working style is different from the average consultancy and I can vouch for it.They bring out the best version of your statement of purpose. Also, their guidance at every step is undoubtedly invaluable. Gradvine, is undoubtedly a one-stop solution for all the applicants looking for assistance with their application process. Thanks Team Gradvine! Keep up the good work Sreekar and Suraj! More power to you guys!

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CMU, Columbia University, Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services

I opted for the ‘Smart Thing To Do’ package at Gradvine. My mentor, Shivangi, helped me craft my Statement of Purpose which made all the difference. I bagged more than half of the admits from the Universities I applied to. Her consistent support and enthusiasm to guide me throughout the application process made me confident of the result. I would like to mention Gradvine’s co-founder Suraj Peri whose valuable inputs and encouragement contributed to my success. He was always there when I needed help. Thank you Gradvine!

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The University of Texas at Dallas, Stony Brook University, University of Cincinnati, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, University of Maryland, Master's in Electronics and Communication

Gradvine has been really helpful to me throughout my undergrad application process. They made the whole process of college application much simpler for me by guiding me through every step, from shortlisting the universities based on my profile to writing college essays. The team was always available and ready to answer any question at any time. Because Gradvine's team consists of people who have gone through the process of college applications, they know exactly how to guide a student and I would recommend Gradvine to any student who wants to go abroad for undergraduation.

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Sandeep Reddy

-, -

Initially, I got to know about Gradvine from a mutual connection. My consultant Varun was really helpful for the documentation part of my application. He was highly reliable, genuine and was patient enough to address my doubts now and then. I would highly recommend Gradvine to prospective aspirants.

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NCSU, University of Texas at Austin, Delft University of Technology, Master's in Electronics and Communication

I got admits from ALL the universities I had applied to! :) What else does anyone want? I'm so glad I was associated with Gradvine for my application process. Everyone there made my life so easy when it came to applications and doubts especially as I was working! You'll get a reply for anything you ask in seconds. I strongly recommend Gradvine and I'm sure you will get where you want to! Forever grateful!

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George Mason University, University of Delaware, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Master's in Information Systems

Being graduates from reputed universities themselves, the team at Gradvine has been extremely helpful and the most reliable people throughout the process. Right from shortlisting universities apt for my profile to filling applications and securing admits, they have always been available to guide me, even at odd timings. Thanks to Tushya and Suraj for their support. Really pleased to have chosen Gradvine.

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University of Southern California, Master's in Computer Science

It’s very hard to come by good guidance when you’re taking big steps in life and you want to be sure about the decisions you take. From my experience, Gradvine probably gives you the best shot at getting into great schools for your profile. Their approach to the application process is the edge they have over every other consultancy. My mentor Kishalaya has been more than helpful during and after my application process. Even though my domain is probably considered to be niche and selective, both Kish and Suraj gave me critical insights which I genuinely think strengthened my profile. In fact, I still ask Kish about the situation in the USA due to COVID-19 and get some real-time information. He’s just the best. All in all, I recommend anyone seeking to study abroad to sign up with Gradvine and take their help with the entire application process. At Gradvine, you can speak to master's students and graduates from the finest global universities to help you with your application queries. Schedule your FREE profile evaluation call now: https://bit.ly/Profile_Evaluation_Free

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Samarth Thopaiah

CMU, Ms in Music and Technology

I joined Gradvine in November 2018 for my fall 2019 applications. It has been a great experience. Unlike other consultancies where they write the SOP and LORs for you using a pre defined format, at Gradvine, the process is completely different. You have to make a pro active effort to complete your documents. The guidance from the very beginning is valuable. The SOP structure is tailor made for you. It is written in a way to best portray yourself. Unlike others where you get your SOP written in a few days, at Gradvine, getting to the final draft might take some time, but you'll definitely get the best draft. The bit longer time period is because of the numerous revision drafts and external reviews. I applied to 11 universities and received 6 decisions by mid Feb. 5 admits. I would definitely recommend Gradvine to anyone who is planning for their higher studies abroad.

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Delft University of Technology, Northeastern University, University of Southern California, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Michigan, Master's in Engineering Management

I want to pursue Master in Computer science in the USA. As a result of my hardwork, i got good GRE and IELTS scores. However, my undergrad is in ECE and my GPA is not that great. So, my SOP had to be good to get into good universities in the US. Before joining gradvine, i was very confused about what to write in SOP and how to frame it. I along with my friends visited many consultancies in Hyderabad for SOP and Visa consultation. Some consultancies have poor knowledge regarding the process while Some are not that good. I thought of opting for online consultancy. But one of my friends in Facebook told me about the GRADVINE. I immediately liked it but i wanted to talk to them first. The people in gradvine has good knowledge regarding the MS in the US as they were the students of the universities in the US and other countries. GRADVINE is their startup. Even though it is relatively young, it is better than the rest. SINCE, THEY ASSIGN THE STUDENTS WHO ARE CURRENTLY STUDYING OVERSEAS, AS OUR ADVISORS, they have better knowledge than the advisors of the other consultancies. This is the BEST about gradvine. I bugged them with a lot of questions in whatsapp. They answered all my questions with patience. I got admits from good universities and I am waiting for the decisions of 6 universities. Until now, GRADVINE has been very good. Although it is a bit expensive, its worth as we are ready to spend a lot for the MS.

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The University of Texas at Dallas, Stevens Institute of Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology, Master's in Computer Science

I highly recommend their services for people who want to do Masters program. They help you in shortlisting colleges based on your profile.

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University at Buffalo, Wayne State University, Sunny Binghamton University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Master's in Industrial Engineering

I would highly recommend Gradvine over any other consultancy in the market right now. I took the "Smart thing to do" package for 29k and from what I observed these are their strongest points 1. They recommend genuinely good colleges as they don't have any tie-ups with foreign universities. 2. Most of them have passed out of reputed colleges in the US and know what they are talking about. 3. They guide you and help you write strong SOP and LORs. 4. They get you in touch with people who give loans at much lower interest rates than most of the loan companies. Lastly, don't expect them to fill your college application forms for you or write your sop and lors. They are here to guide you not do your work for you. Try going to them at least 3-4 months in advance.

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North Corolina State University, MS in Computer Science

The application process for graduate admissions is a long drawn task, and having Sreekar’s support throughout really helped me ease into it. The prospect of going to an alien land for studies is as intimidating as it is exciting, and there were countless times when I pinged Sreekar looking to calm my frayed nerves. Right from collective brainstorming for my SOP to answering any and all questions that an anxious applicant could post, he has been a very important part of my admission journey. Having an experienced external eye to bounce ideas off of, helped me effectively communicate my previous experience and intent to pursue higher education. Sreekar was always available and extremely helpful. I could not have asked for a better experience with Gradvine!

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Dartmouth University, Columbia University, Master's in Engineering Management

I would highly recommend Gradvine to all the aspirants who want to study abroad. They have the best team and they make the entire application process look very easy. They helped me throughout my process and helped me succeed at the end. Overall, it was a one of the best decision i have taken and I am thankful to the entire team especially my mentor Sreekar for his constant support throughout the process.

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IE, Master's in Managment

My personal experience with them has been astonishing. My mentor, who was pretty straight forward, helped in a way that the universities that I thought getting a spot was impossible, quite easy. There is no spoon-feeding and once you finish your version of the SOP, they help to bring the best in you and your SOP all by yourself. The guidance from Sreekar boosted me to select the best universities to apply, and the result is that I have secured a spot in 2 dream universities.

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Revanth Yayavaram

KTH, TU Delft, MSc in Mechanical Engineering

Having got admits from the likes of Dartmouth, Cornell, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Purdue, University of Southern California, Johns Hopkins and Texas A&M and having taken the services of Gradvine, I am qualified to write this review. Being part of Gradvine and especially Sreekar being my mentor is one of the best things that happened in my life. The mentors at Gradvine are very knowledgeable and always have a positive mindset which gave me a lot of confidence. The mentors are very prompt with the reverts for the SOP, Resume and never hesitate to have telephonic conversations any time any day for any reason. They make sure my SOP, Resume was framed in the best way possible. SOP is all about conveying your long term goal, mentioning the things you have done in college in accordance to that long term goal and finally mentioning how the masters degree will help you achieve that long term goal. I was able to covey these things effectively in my SOP and was also able to create a Resume in accordance to my SOP because of Gradvine and hence these many admits. Having a good profile is one part but Sreekar made sure I presented that in a proper manner. I would recommend anyone wanting to pursue masters to join Gradvine. Trust me, it's worth it.

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Rohan Kalahasthi

Dartmouth College, Cornell University, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Purdue University, University of Southern California, Johns Hopkins University, Texas A&M., Masters in Engineering Management

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value Hello Guys !! For anyone looking to get a professional and supportive mentor to help you get Admit into a dream school 'Gradvine' is the place to go. The services we receive from them are top notch : The level of SOP modification as per your verbal scores (They help you write what you actually are but not a fancy essay written by some editor). There is personal care given to each one and Sreekar(Co-founder of Gradvine makes sure you get what you need) Guys i cant say anything more - Just trust them put in the Hardwork and you are good to go :) :).. They helped me secure admits into duke,northwestern,University of southern California and purdue All the best !!!

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Praneeth Reddy

Purdue University, Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be in the field of environmental sciences. I realized soon enough that it was not a popular course in India, which led me to pursue a degree in the somewhat allied field of Civil Engineering. I graduated from Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute Of Engineering And Technology (GRIET) in Hyderabad. I am now pursuing an MS in Environmental Engineering at Duke University. During the course of my Bachelor’s, I had the opportunity to be involved in sanitation and energy policy projects at the Administrative Staff College of India, as an intern. When it came to applying for a Master’s program, I was scared to aim big, because I hadn’t seen many people from colleges like mine make it to top universities. I was also really under-confident of my abilities to perform well, even if I got into a a top program. Now one year into my master’s program, I sometimes am surprised at how self-assured and confident I have become. I have had the steepest learning curve, academically, socially and culturally. I have a much better understanding of the concepts I knew before, and every day, I trust my scientific judgement more and more. Getting to a learning environment that doesn’t penalize you for being imperfect or for trying to learn is the greatest investment you can make for yourself. Gradvine has, obviously, had a huge role to play in encouraging me to think beyond what I knew I could do. I am so grateful that I had the support and courage to help me take that leap of faith! If you are still in two minds about taking the risk of going abroad to get an advanced degree, I hope my story helps in giving you a ‘big-picture’ perspective. :)

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Duke University, Environmental Engineering

Gradvine is THE best! I was clueless at the start of the journey, but after my first phone consultation with Sreekar, things started to take shape. Gradvine supported me throughout this tedious journey, right from shortlisting universities to preparing me for interviews. They provided me with a platform to interact with students who are/have been to the universities that I hoped to be in, and inputs from them are invaluable. That is how I met my mentor, Aashish, who was supportive and worked along with me while drafting my Statement of Purpose, resume and essays. Their unique mentorship program, along with their passion and drive, helped me secure admits at few top-notch universities. I definitely recommend Gradvine to any aspirant who is looking forward to pursuing studies abroad.

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Columbia University, UIUC, Purdue University, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, TU Delft, Masters in Engineering Management

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value I had a wonderful experience working with Gradvine. My mentor helped me shortlist universities based on my profile and persuaded me to try for universities which I believed were beyond my league. They assisted me throughout each step of the application and were always very easy to approach. I highly recommend students to reach out to Gradvine 6-8 months before the application deadlines for better planning, seamless applications and to avoid last minute panic and hassle.

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Rajat Tyagi

Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Masters in Engineering Management

I got to know about Gradvine through a senior in my college and I think it has been one of the best decisions I took as far as my application process is concerned. They have experienced mentors who have gone through the application process themselves and have had first hand experience with the application process. From selecting my universities, iteratively drafting and improving my SOP to finishing my applications in time, my mentor helped me through all of it. They are extremely approachable and that's the best part. I have been able to get admits from top universities, thanks to their constant encouragement and support for aiming higher. I would wholeheartedly recommend Gradvine to anyone aspiring to go for higher studies abroad. They have set a great mark for themselves in terms of their excellent service and I only see them grow more in the future.

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John's Hopkins, Northeastern University, University of Southern California, Master's in Computer Science

Gradvine drives you towards expanding your limits. It made a realize that miracles are possible once you come out of the low-key bubble. It helped me secure an admit in one of the prestigious universities which will give a kick start to my career. Definitely worth it.

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Duke University, John's Hopkins University, Master's in Engineering Management

At first, I was hesitant to apply to the top ten universities for my course and felt like my chances of getting in were slim. However, not only did Gradvine instil the courage in me to chase my dreams, but they also showed me the way. I find the mentor system Gradvine to be especially helpful since my mentor’s inputs were extremely valuable while tailoring my SOP and Resume for a given college. I was also able to clarify doubts during the application process instantly thanks to the Gradvine team being super active at all times. I can not thank them enough for helping me achieve my goals and would definitely recommend them to anyone planning to do their masters abroad At Gradvine, you can speak to master's students and graduates from the finest global universities to help you with your application queries. Schedule your FREE profile evaluation call now: https://bit.ly/Profile_Evaluation_Free

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Anuhya Alluri

University of Washington, MIS

Amazing service by gradvine. Suraj Peri is a master at polishing SOP's. Highly recommended!

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Technical University of Munich, -

As I was visiting many consultancies for my Master’s application I came across Gradvine. I was skeptical about them as the whole process was online but they really did a very good job. I would like to point out that Suraj, Sreekar, and Kirtana (my mentor) really know how the entire process works and are quite familiar with the admissions process. All the other consultancies I visited were beating around the bush about university list and almost made me realize that I cannot get into a top 50 university with my profile. I knew something was not right and then I had a chat with Sreekar and he helped me come out of my misery and gave me hope. Their working pattern is so good for SOP’s and LOR’s. They provide us with a personalized template as to how we should write and structure our SOP based on our profiles, research interests, long term goals, and individual university. The mentors are also very nice and they really do look out for the needs of the students. I used to be on call with my mentor for hours slaving on the SOP. Also, the mentors do make an effort to coordinate with us despite being in a different time zone. As a result, I already received admit from my dream university NYU along with 2 others (both top50) and it would not have been possible without Gradvine. I would really like to give a big thanks to Kirtana for helping me out with everything you have helped me achieve my dream admit from NYU. I would really recommend Gradvine to all the students who wish to study abroad, these people can really help you as they every nook and cranny of the entire process

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New York University, University of California: Santa Barbara, Master's in Engineering Management

I did not find Gradvine. It was them that found me. I still wonder how their marketing email found its way into my inbox, but now I'm really glad it did. The content of the email was spot-on and led me to schedule a call with Suraj. Until this point, I had met with a bunch of other so-called “counselors”, who had probably never set foot in America. But, Gradvine seemed refreshingly different. The fee was quite affordable, and it didn’t take long for them to have me convinced and sign up for their “SMART THING TO DO” plan. Suraj really helped me explore myself and come up with a strong and coherent motivation for my essay. He also urged me to apply early and supported me through the entire application process. The telephonic consulting format was surprisingly quite smooth as well. Suraj and the team were always very prompt and accessible, sometimes even post-midnight. With their help, I have managed to grab admits from some of the top universities that they showcase on their banner. Trust me, these guys really know their stuff. Schedule a call and you'd know that for yourself. Would highly recommend!

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Duke University, Purdue University, Carnegie Mellon University, Master's in Data Science

My journey with gradvine for the past 6 months has been really amazing and worth the money! They help you to write an exceptional and strong SoP which is the most important document in the application process. Prompt response of the mentor is well appreciated. Quality check follow up calls from their executives shows their concern in delivering uncompromising quality in their services. Apart from drafting SoP and LoR they helped to shortlist the universities which wasn't a part of my package.Timely help and meticulousness of Gradvine team deserves a mention! Thanks Team! Above all learnt so much professionalism from you guys!More laurels to come!

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Sangavi Selvanarayanan

UC Dublin, SUNY Buffalo, MS in Industrial Engineering

The decision of me doing Master's was made in October and I wasn't keen about it until I spoke to Suraj and he sounded positive about my profile with GRE 303 and IELTS 7. Sreekar gave me really ambitious colleges like Duke, UIUC, Cornel, Purdue, and NYU which I wasn't sure of. I was hesitant to even apply to these colleges but Sreekar encouraged me to apply Duke and UIUC as he assured me that I have a fair chance. I received admission letters from almost all the colleges I applied - Duke, UIUC, NYU, ASU, NEU, University of Buffalo and the University of Ottawa. This is a dream come true for me that I am going to study at Duke. I would highly recommend Gradvine, they boost your self-confidence and they place their confidence in you more than you do.

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Anu Anusha

New York University, Duke University, Arizona State University, University of Ottawa, Masters in Engineering Management

The tagline "Been there, done that" is immensely justified as the prospective students are been mentored by the finest quality of people who have either been through such process or are currently part of such complex application process. On a personal front I am sincerely thankful to Suraj Peri and my mentor Akash Parvatikar for helping me throughout the application, even at odd hours, right from helping me out in selecting schools for master's program, to creating a solid SOP. They always motivated me to push my limits and help me realize my potential which consequently led to admits in some of top schools of the United States. I would highly recommend Gradvine to all the students aiming to pursue their master's as they certainly connect with their students professionally and personally.

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Northeastern University, University at Buffalo, North Carolina State University, Master's in Computational Engineering

Excellent guidance. They have always been prompt with their services and were willing to help out at any given time. Sreekar and my mentor pushed me to apply to top-notch programs and give my best shot at the application process. Thank you Team Gradvine!

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Simran Gulrajani

Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Duke University, Masters in Engineering Management

2 months ago I would rate Gradvine as a no BS consulting and mentoring service for your graduate program. The flow of their counselling is very well organized and to the point. Their step-by-step document review process is very helpful and easy to follow. It doesn't matter if you are applying early or late - they have a solution to get the best possible applications filled out in the given time. The counselors help understand even the smallest of details, which even the most experienced folks miss out. I would highly recommend it, even if you are highly experienced in writing great academic documents.

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University of Chicago, Master's in Business Analytics

Absolutely satisfied with Gradvine for my MS CS application. The provided good advice w.r.t LOR, SOP and College shortlisting. Would recommend to anyone looking to pursue masters or a similar degree! Like

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University of Illinois, Chicago, MS in Computer Science


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London School of Economics and Political Science, King's College London, University of Edinburgh, Master of Laws Degrees (LLM)

After taking my gre and toefl exams, I wasn’t quite sure about the application process. It was then that I was recommended gradvine by a friend. Gradvine helped me throughout the application process. My mentor helped me shortlist the universities well considering all the aspects and the inputs given to me to refine my sop were great. All this helped me get an admit from University of Southern California.

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University of Texas at Austin, Master's in Civil Engineering

Gradvine has made me believe that dreams do come true. After giving my ETS exam I was left with nearly zero hopes for getting into good university. I soon reached out to Gradvine and spoke to Mr. Sreekar Reddy. He restored my confidence back and insisted me to apply to university which I never thought I’ll be able to get into. Gradvine provided me with a mentor, who is currently pursuing his Masters. He has been in the same position two years back and hence his suggestions were really valuable. He helped me to tailor my application in accordance to the program. Mr Suraj being a very humble and approachable person helped me to prepare for my interview rounds. And I am happy to share that with the help of Gradvine’s flawless services I was able to achieve my goal.

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John's Hopkins, Northeastern University, New York University, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of California, Santa Barbara, Master's in Engineering Management

Positive: Value I know if I had to take help from someone, it was Gradvine in the checklist at the first place. The best part is that everything is done by you and major changes in the application or the SOP happen, without you being knowing that it actually happened. This boosts an individuals morale to a very high level. Added to the above the mentors are still supportive even now in the long run.

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Sathvik Vemunuri

Texas A&M, Clemson University, Concordia University, Master in Management

I think what sets them apart is that they have been through this process themselves. They get straight to the point pushing boundaries where required. Gradvine helped me get my essay reviewed from a versatile network so that I could put my best foot forward. I would gladly recommend their services to anyone.

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University of Texas at Austin, Master's in Business Analytics

I was introduced to them by a friend of mine. With much hesitancy as one usually has with counselors I first approached them. To my surprise, I found that this wasn't a firm where counselors were forcing the same mumbo jumbo to all their clients and charging exorbitant amounts of money. Rather, these guys were mostly fresh alumni of colleges that most of us aspire to be in and had a lot of insight about the workings of the prospective universities. They are able to map out one's personality and find the best colleges for them, motivating us to believe we too can reach the best colleges, and indeed helping us get there. What's more- their pricing is probably the most reasonable for the quality of their services. Highly recommended for all those who have dreams of studying in the best universities but don't know how to get there. Thanks a ton Gradvine!

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Delft University of Technology, Master's in Analytics

My experience with Gradvine has been amazing! I’d highly recommend their services for students seeking admissions for both undergraduate and graduate programs. What I personally appreciate is that they listen to your needs and tailor the approach towards the application process accordingly. They’re very transparent and approachable which made it easier for me to ask questions and seek help. My mentors have assisted me in a way that helped capture my originality in my application. The whole process that seemed almost impossible was arranged in such a systematic fashion that I was able to juggle my coursework, extracurriculars and application process with ease. I’m very pleased with the schools I’ve got accepted into! Thank you Gradvine!

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Boston University, George Washington, New York University, University of Maryland, Master's in Health Policy

Had a brilliant experience working with both Suraj and Sreekar, who helped me choose the right course and the right universities to apply to, and were accessible whenever I needed their help. My mentor, a Columbia alumnus, helped through every step of my application, right up to interview prep. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to apply for higher education abroad.

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Duke University, Master's in Engineering Management

I would highly recommend GRADVINE to each and everyone who is aiming to study abroad. It is not like any ordinary consulting firm, these people can go leaps and bounds to help you get into your dream University. It may be a management course , engineering course, medical or any other course .. you name it and there are mentors who have already studied those programs and are always there to help you out through out the application process and post application as well. They nurture you like a sapling with utmost care and help you yield your dreams into reality.By far it is the most genuine organisation whose aim to to help students have a smooth application process throughout unlike other consulting firms which attract you in the beginning with many false promises and then dig out fears in you during the application process. In a nut shell, it is the go to mentor for all the higher studies aspirants.

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University of Florida, Stony Brook University, Master's in Electronics and Communication

If someone would have asked me 4-5 months back that how can I bag an Ivy league or a good school for Masters, I would have replied him "Score a 330 or 325" and that will do it. But my whole perception about the application for MS changed when I was able to bag a mere 315 on GRE. I was confused that should I retake or should I go with the score. For me, it was an arduous task as I was planning to change my career stream from a purely technical background(Petroleum engineering) to MS in Business Analytics with no prior CS or IT background. I got to know about Gradvine from Yocket app, I was a bit hesitant to go for consultancy as you always hear stories about them charging hefty amount and finally ending up with a copy paste SOP and LOR. But still I thought of giving it a chance and upon contacting the Gradvine team, they explained me through all the steps. I was still not sure whether it was the right choice or not!! After a few days my mentor contacted me, he was so cogent that I end up registering with Gradvine and went with the same score. To be frank, with Gradvine it won't be a ride where you just buckle up and relax without doing anything and end up with fabulous SOP. They will be there to guide you throughout and help you with all your doubts(24x7) but one has to put his own effort to start with the rough draft and it will be their responsibility to carve and polish it. In my case, my mentor and I used to sit like hours to discuss on what to add or remove. After a lot of drafts, we finally came up with an SOP which helped me bag 4 admits out of 5 University that I applied, out of which even 2 universities offered a scholarship. To summarize it has to be a combined effort from both the side.

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Abhijeet Nayak

-, -

I got to know about Gradvine from Facebook. I was in a low phase since i could not score high in GRE due to my strenuous job. I must say making that first call was the best decision throughout my MS application process. Today i have secured my admit from my dream college Duke University. It would be an understatement if i say it was only because of the guidance i received from my mentors who were very patient and all ears to all my queries! They made my SOP look like a dream. For all those looking for counseling join Gradvine you'll end up with mentors and not mere consultants! Cheers!

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Duke University, -

Gradvine truly stands out from all the other educational consulting firms. Be it shortlisting of universities or writing my SOP and LORs, Suraj and his team were always quick to respond and guide me through it. I am glad that I came across Gradvine.

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University of Virginia, Master's in Data Science

Gradvine mentoring for my MS applications to the top universities in US has been very useful and proficient. Their guidance was clearly based on facts and past experience which was to the point and frank. Sreekar's mentoring benefitted me certainly in projecting my profile in the best way possible and also to fulfill all the necessary standards to get into my dreams universities.

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New York University, John's Hopkins University, Duke University, Master's in Engineering Management

Gradvine has been very helpful throughout the application process. They helped me with drafting my LORs and SOPs. I would surely recommend gradvine to other master's aspirants.

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Stony Brook University, Northeastern University, Master's in Computer Science

highly appreciate the support from. The Gradvine team. These strategies and mentors of Gradvine are awesome. Suraj from Gradvine supporting me a lot in the whole process from University of Visa. I sincerely thank to Agrim from Gradvine who helped me in my SOP writing. He gave me brilliant ideas and show me the path to write excellent SOP. He edited my SOP numerous times until we got the final gem. I got admission in my dream university, University of Maryland college park in Cybersecurity couse. Currently they are helping me with Visa and loan process also. I highly recommend Gradvine peer to peer service to anyone who has a dream for higher study abroad. Thanks

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University of Maryland, Master's in Information Systems

Gradvine provided me with great help to write SOP and guided me throughout to understand the whole procedure of applications for various universities better. I have now admits from 5 great universities such as Columbia university, Johns Hopkins, Purdue University etc. At last but not the least 5 on 5 for services and expertise.

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Columbia University, Dartmouth University, Duke University, Purdue University, University of British Columbia, John's Hopkins University, Master's in Engineering Management

After having appeared for GRE and being clueless for close to a month, my friend recommended me Gradvine. I was really impressed with their pricing structure, given it's significantly less than what their competitors charge. I got in touch with Suraj who immediately went through my profile and assigned me a mentor. The best part of Gradvine is that the mentors you get are in a similar field to yours, and they can very well support you in technical aspects of your SOP as well. Aakash my mentor did close to 10 iterations on my SOP before finalizing it. I got tremendous satisfaction seeing the difference in the first version of SOP I prepared with the final one. Suraj was also super helpful post SOP submission as well, answering my most minor queries as well.

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Duke University, Master's in Data Science

Amongst the many that claim to change your future with studying abroad, Gradvine is the most reliable and supportive. Thanks Sreekar!

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London School of Economics and Political Science, Master's in Psychology

I'll tell my experience with Gradvine from the start. So, I came across about Gradvine from a friend and took "Smart thing to do" package. Firstly gradvine doesn't write your sop and lor, they only assist you in doing that. The first advantage with gradvine is all the mentors that will be assisting you, are either attending grad school or already attended them. So, the people who will be reviewing your Sop and Lor know from a technical point of view(for example I had too many projects and I didn't which one's to put in my Resume, but my mentors helped with that and told me what the college looks for from an sop). That's something that you don't get with other consulting agencies. Another point is they are the best for college and course shortlisting. From my personal expierience my mentor Suraj Peri explained me about things like why to apply to that college(like location, job opportunities, co-ops, etc). I do remember when I spoke to some counselors from other consultancies and shared my profile, they said that the most ambitious college I can apply to is USC, its only because of gradvine I applied to CMU and got in. They never undermine your profile.I had some misunderstandings in the initial days and when I told Sujit about them he got them resolved immediately. So, till now my journey with gradvine is very smooth and effective, they said they will help me with the visa interview process as well, hope the same continues till the end.

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Northeastern University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Colorado Boulder, Master's in Computational Engineering

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value Gradvine's services are highly recommended for anyone looking to apply to B-schools for master's program. Their mentors are highly skilled and qualified to help you ease through the worrisome process of preparing a B-School application.

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Arsh Bhatia

EDHEC, Masters in Finance

I came across gradvine about a year back when I absolutely had no idea regarding the master's application process and today I have admits from some of the best universities in the US. Thanks to Sreekar for his immense help and support throughout the process. I'm glad to have chosen gradvine services.

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Rishitha Reddy

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of California, Santa Barbara, Master of Science in Technology Management

I would highly recommend gradvine to anyone who wants to pursue their masters in the US. It would be highly beneficial for individuals who are targetting the top 20 universities. Everyone is really supportive starting from the management to the mentor and it was a wonderful journey with them throughout.

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Columbia University, Master's in Computer Science

Extremely convenient approach to writing your Statements of Purpose, scholarship letters, among others. Alottted mentors will do their best to guide you through the application process.

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Bhargav Shetgaonkar

Cornell University, Duke University, Columbia University, Masters in Engineering Management

I would highly recommend Gradvine to all the MS aspirants out there. They made the entire application process as easy as a walk in the park. Mentors were really helpful in drafting my SOP and Resume. They were always available to provide insights. Overall, it was a great experience and I am extremely grateful to the entire team for their constant support throughout.

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Purdue University, Northeastern University, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Master's in Civil Engineering

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value The Advisors there are hardworking , and really helpful people. I highly recommend their services , who want to do a Masters program abroad. Shortlisting of Universities, and Help needed for preparing your essays , SOPS , and LORS, etc , are the main highlight of this service.

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Vyas Cholayil

University of Maryland, MS in Computer Science

These guys are the best. They know what they are doing exactly and give the best advice possible for your profile. Thanks to them, I now have a clear idea of how to push my career forward.

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Swati Dhavala

-, -

Gradvine really helped me out when I was stuck at a point after choosing a wrong consulting company. They helped me in my SOP and my regular queries about my application related stuff. They motivated me to apply to some good courses in some good universities and finally got admits for some fantastic universities. Thank you Gradvine for all the help.

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Divyank Rahoria

-, -

Applying to the universities seemed to be very confusing and complicated before I came to gradvine, but after I came here they made it so simple. They were available every time I tried to contact them and were very very supportive. I got into my dream university with the help of gradvine. If you want to get into the top notch universities, gradvine would be the best option.

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Texas A&M University, Master's in Electronics and Communication

I enrolled with Gradvine as a student applying for my Masters. I greatly appreciated all the help I received with all the elements of my applications. The co-founders are extremely hands on and also Gradvine also has a great networks on mentors. Thanks to their help and expertise I was able to secure admission into top universities including the Ivy Leagues!

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Shreya Srinarsi

Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, NCSU, SUNY Buffalo, USC, Masters in Engineering Management

These guys offer the best guidance to project the best of your profile to the admission panel of an university, as these people are actually been through the same process and done their masters, they have been there and done that, hence their services are already tested to give the best results. Getting into a good university can change one's life. There are in a business of changing life of students. Wish them the best.

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Northeastern University, master's in Computational Engineering

Gradvine immensely helped shape my application to various universities using their experience and knowledge of the education system. My mentor Sreekar was honest, reliable and helped me choose colleges that best suited my interests. Through their services I was able to put together an SOP that projected me at the best of my capabilities. Their responses are quick and comprehensive and helped me complete my application in time, although I was late to the game.

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Soumya Nalajala

Purdue University, CMU, Masters in Engineering Management