New beginnings

  • Our University Shortlisting service ensures you have a balanced list of universities with great future job opportunities.
  • Ensure that you don’t miss out on the one university that could transform your career.
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  • Our SOP editing service.
  • SOP edits from mentors pursuing the same master’s degree at a top university.
  • Ensure that your essay highlights your strengths and justifies the need for a masters degree crisply and efficiently.
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₹14,990 onwards

  • Figure out the various courses you can pursue.
  • Get advice from successful mentors on which internships/projects to opt for.
  • In depth conversations with mentors on the future scope of several fields.
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  • University Shortlisting
  • Craft a stellar, technically correct SOP with the help of mentors in your own field.
  • Edit and draft your resume in the right format that highlights your strengths.
  • Get help on additional application essays and scholarship essays.
  • Get your SOP tailored to each university you’re applying to.
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University Shortlisting
Conversations with mentors
Statement of Purpose
SOP tailored to each university
Additonal application essays
Figuring out your courses
Advice on internships/projects

  • Conversations with mentors who are at the finest institutions, companies and organisations, pursuing various careers.
  • Students can understand the realities of pursuing different career paths and can gain inspiration from how our mentors have succeeded on these paths.
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  • All the conversations as offered in THE WINDOW plus the opportunity to take up a project under a mentor from a top notch university/company.
  • Hands-on experience can help the students discover a passion for the field and will be a valuable addition to the student’s profile for the future.
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  • Conversations and projects as offered in THE WINDOW & THE DOOR plus personalised timelines prepared for the students to build their profiles.
  • Students get a clear directive on the courses and projects to be taken up in the years leading up to university.
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  • Want a service tailored to your/your child’s needs? Get in touch with us!
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Conversations with mentors
Real time projects
Project pitch in front of a panel
Personalised timelines