Refund Policy

Gradvine does not hold any refund or money-back policy. Gradvine strictly adheres to its quality policy and the same is reflected in our products. A user is asked to experience the portal before making the actual purchase by doing the sample test on the platform.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by Gradvine, full payment for participation in a Program is required at the time of registration. Specific payment requirements and related provided to you at the time of registration or on the applicable, Program-specific web page. In the case of subscriptions to Programs or subscription to products or services that include a free trial then the full payment will be due upon such free trial period has concluded. It is the sole responsibility of the student enrolling for a program to check the accuracy of, and evaluate the suitability and relevance of, the program selected. No refund will be made once payment for a program has been made. The enrolment is non-transferable.

In case, you wish to stop using the platform, you may do so by writing to [email protected] and cancel your enrolment at any time. However, you may still access the reading material, videos and take-up self-assessment tests until the end of the specified duration per the agreement, but you will not be able to view (on the portal) or receive any email communication of aggregated scores of other participants, promotional material, upgrades to courses, invite and access to competitions/quizzes conducted on the Gradvine platform. We do not refund the fee once proof of delivery has been generated.

For any clarification, we encourage you to write to us at [email protected] before you make the payment, and we’ll be more than happy to clarify your doubts/concerns.