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Samarth Ganesh Thopaiah

Music was something I was introduced to at a very early age. It’s been a very big part of my life ever since and from very early on, I knew I wanted to do something related to music and audio. After finishing my undergrad in electronics and communication engineering where I was exposed both the extracurricular side when I headed the college music team and quite sophisticated research side during my time at the speech and audio lab at IISc where I did my internship, I looked to find a master’s degree in something similar to this. The M S in Music and Technology at Carnegie Mellon had a tailored course which included all my interests. On a more technical side, my are interest in fields like Signal Processing, Deep Learning applications on audio and Acoustics. I enjoy playing the guitar and listening to music, trekking and socializing. Mentoring is something I am familiar with and thoroughly enjoy doing.

Carnegie Mellon University

M S Music and Technology

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