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Siddharth Jagetia

An Electronics Engineer by qualification, Siddharth has been extensively involved in the Electric Vehicle industry since the second year of his Undergraduate education at KJSCE, Mumbai. He was responsible for developing the first Electric Formula Student racecar along with his team, Orion Racing India, and has enjoyed multiple national championships in 2016, 17 and 18. while representing his college in Germany and Hungary in the international competitions. His stint at the Center for Battery Engineering and Electric Vehicles (C-BEEV) at IIT Madras and Grinntech Technologies has made him proficient in the RE & EV Space. He went on to manage a logistics company upon figuring out existing leakages in the supply chain channel, and is now working as an Associate Product Manager, subsequently developing his interest in Engineering Management. Having secured admits from top colleges like Purdue University & University of Michigan, Siddharth ultimately found a course tailored to his acumen at Duke University. With Gradvine, Siddharth aims to work proactively with students to ease their application process and tailor profiles to maximize the probabilities of securing an admission to their dream Universities.

Duke University

Master of Engineering Management

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