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Bhavika Anand

I am a highly enthusiastic individual, fueled by positivity and curiosity for the U.S. Healthcare System. Interacting with new people comes naturally to me and working in teams is one of my biggest strengths. My journey as a healthcare professional began in 2011 when I chose to become a dentist back in India. Since that time, I have gained the requisite sensitivity that our health industry demands along with essential patient management skills. I wish to be associated with organizations that encourage patient-centeredness. I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Health Administration at the University of Southern California to learn more about the non-clinical side of healthcare. Since my big move from India to Los Angeles, I have worked with a healthcare startup as a marketing and outreach intern to the CEO. What I love about this startup is that it empowers individuals to take health in their own hands by helping them make informed decisions pertaining to their health. In my current role as a Compliance and Risk Management intern at L.A. Care Health Plan, I am trying to soak in the nuances of what it takes to make a health plan most effective for its consumers. My long-term goal is to create foundations of change within the current trend of patient experience and satisfaction, quality of care, research in population health management, and value-based models. In my spare time, you can find me mentoring students through the educational startup that I work for, trying new recipes in my kitchen or maybe just reading the dictionary!

University of Southern California


Areas of Interest: Health Administration