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Aashish Bohra

ADAPTIVE | NIMBLE | EFFICIENT | RESOURCEFUL - These are the adjectives I'd like to use to define myself and my work. A Production Engineer from NIT Trichy by background, I have always been motivated to help businesses and industries better their operations and processes, through the efficient employment of the right technological resources. My work with NCR on data gathering, client identification and budget improvement has been a resounding success. As the Digital Transformation Intern, I was tasked to reimagine grocery shopping. The first phase was to perform detailed research to understand the money and crunch the numbers in the $1 trillion grocery industry. Having studied the trends in IT spending, I was then tasked to develop a solution which can convert a harrowing visit to a grocery store a pleasing and informative experience for the consumer. I then developed wireframes and prototypes and pitched my products to the NCR leadership. With a strong understanding of the core principles of Operations Management, Lean and Six Sigma, I enjoyed a successful internship at the Ford Motor Company. My desire to move into technological management led me to pursue the highly sought after Masters degree in Engineering Management. Duke's coursework has greatly enabled me to marry the seemingly diverse fields of technology and management and has trained me to develop data-driven solutions and recommendations to business problems.

Duke University

Engineering Management

Areas of Interest: Operations, Product Management,