Job reality in The USA

posted at June 8, 2019, 5:28 p.m.

If you are considering a master’s degree in America, you most certainly will have heard conflicting opinions about the job search there. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been told by a lot of friends and family members about the difficulty of finding a job. Keep the following lessons in mind and you will emerge from the job search triumphant.

There is no spoon feeding at foreign universities and within the professional space in foreign countries.

Students here are used to the campus placement system where companies want to interview you. Hence they complain about the lack of opportunities in various countries. While abroad, the student has to network efficiently, display the right etiquette and work constantly to secure a job. You have to make an effort with your resume and the way in which you approach people for them to want to interview you. This is an effort which a lot of students are unwilling to make and hence blame the university/country they’re in for preventing them from getting a job. We’ve seen people from Cal State Universities secure a job in no time and we’ve seen Columbia graduates struggle without a job. It’s the effort that matters. That being said, there is no point going to a godforsaken university that has a tie-up with your consultancy. Sure, the admit is guaranteed but that’s where the assurances end.

In conclusion, as long as you go to a university with a decent reputation, it will only aid you, not prevent you from getting a job. Beyond that, if you aren’t able to secure interviews and the job, it’s probably down to a lack of effort.

Thus picking the right university and networking with the right people is essential.

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